4A’s Social Contract

4A’s Social Contract

untitled 4A’s Social Contract

 We Respect One Another

This is shown in our 100% attention and listening when others are speaking.  In raising our hands to speak.  Being considerate of the needs of others.  In saying only positive things to others in the classroom and all areas of our school. We solve problems peacefully are willing to forgive others as we wish to be forgiven. We appreciate the different personalities, opinions and learning styles of our classmates.

We Are Responsible

This is shown in our preparedness.  It is shown in the smart choices that we make and in our honesty. We do our part to make the class a productive and comfortable place for all to work and learn.

We Do Our Best

This is shown in the effort we put into everything we do.  We do our best when things are easy and when they are difficult.  We use our time well without rushing our work. We keep going even when we are tempted to quit and we seek help as needed.