Week of September 7-11

Dear 4A Families,

Welcome to the new school year and to 4th grade!  I am so grateful that we all had a chance to meet last week. It was a pleasure to see you in person and get to know you all! It is such a privilege to be a part of the Holy Rosary school community and teach the amazing 4th grade students!  I am looking forward to our time together, and this year will definitely be one to remember!

Expect to see a class newsletter each week. This letter will contain information about our weekly studies, upcoming events, permission slips, book orders and all you will need to know in order to keep up with the goings on in 4A. Please take time to read the newsletter each week, as it is an important form of school/home communication. I will work hard to keep the 4A website updated weekly with many helpful links and resources.

How to be ready for the first day!

  • Log into Google Classroom and check out the daily checklist. You also have a copy of the checklist for the first two days of school in your blue folder.
  • Create a Zoom account using your child’s school gmail account. (firstinitiallastname.2025@holyrosaryws.org) This is an important step as students must have their own Zoom account using their HRS gmail password. Steps to join a zoom meeting:
    1. Students should open Zoom and sign using Sign In With Google option.
      This will log them in to the Zoom app/extension. They will create an account with their gmail account and password.
    2. Once signed in, they can click on the teacher’s Zoom link and this will take them to the Waiting Room. Students should practice clicking on Bitmoji faces through the Virtual Bitmoji Classroom or the Daily Checklist on Google Classroom.
    3. Teachers will admit studnets in the Zoom room. Please note: Students’ display name should be their first and last name.
    4. After the meeting, students should not sign out of their Zoom account. They can minimize the app or hide it, but they shouldn’t Sign Out of Zoom. If students sign out of zoom, they’ll have to sign back into their account.
  • Log in to Seesaw. Many of you did this during our meetings last week. If you did not yet log in to Seesaw, you will find instructions with a QR code on the last page of your passwords packet.
    • Students who used Seesaw last school year will need to sign into their new fourth grade class.
    • Look for a video message from your teachers on Seesaw!
  • Complete the Kindness Quotes Assignment.
  • Use the instructions in your passwords packet to log in to the various online programs we will use this year. (Happy Numbers, Spelling City, Epic, and Xtra Math)
    • Please do not start using the programs, yet! Happy Numbers and Xtra Math will prompt students to take a placement test. We will do that in class together.
  • Get your work space organized and make sure you are ready to start when you log in at 8:25 on Tuesday! Make sure your brown box is close by. We will be using it!

This week we will be spending the majority of our time learning Zoom classroom and school expectations as well as practicing the procedures and routines that will help our school year run smoothly. These procedures will be based around three words: SAFE, RESPECTFUL & RESPONSIBLE. We will focus on social interactions and community building. The time we spend now will help to ensure our school year runs smoothly and efficiently and is a place where all students feel valued and respected. Our school theme this year is Nothing is impossible for God. I will be incorporating this theme into many of our classroom activities throughout the year.

You have a copy of the class schedule in your blue folder, but there are a couple of reminders I wanted to share regarding our schedule:

  • We have our Opening Mass this Wednesday at 8:45am. All students should plan to log into their homeroom at 8:25 for attendance. Then, students will log off and watch mass on their own. Click here to watch mass.  We will have weekly Wednesday Masses at 8:45am all year. Students should plan to wear their proper uniform on Wednesdays.
  • On Fridays, students will log off for lunch and will continue in the afternoon with pre-recorded PE and Music lessons. There will also be some time left over for catching up on any projects or assignments from the week. Students will receive guidance on what to work on.

I have created a 4A email group list so that I can send out important information throughout the school year. This list is important for quick and efficient communication between home and school. Let me know if you need any changes or additions to this class email list.  If you have NOT already received an email from me about this newsletter, please let me know. I will add you to the list.

My email address is:  msimpson@holyrosaryws.org

I know that we will have an amazing year together.