Catholic Schools Week 2022

Dear 4A Families

Happy Catholic Schools Week 2022.  At the bottom of this newsletter you will find the information you will need to know what is happening each day of Catholic Schools Week.  It should be a fun week to celebrate our school and community.  

A Message Beth Martin regarding re-enrollment

Re-enrollment time is upon us.  All families must re-enroll in our new software system, School Admin.  An email should’ve arrived on Thursday, January 27 with the subject line: Accessing Holy Rosary School’s Online Parent Portal.  Please follow the custom link on the email that pertains to your family and then compote the steps.

Additional tips: 

  1. You definitely do NOT need to apply again, nor do you need to upload birth or baptismal certificates.
  2. The link under step #1 should take you directly to your child’s account once you create a login. 
  3. If the link under step #1 is not working, then go here and create an account. 
  4. Enter the authentication code once logged in.  This code may be found above the words IMPORTANT NOTES from the Accessing Holy Rosary’s Parent Portal email.

Thank you,

Beth Martin

Social Studies: The students will have all received a review packet to review for the 50 State Test.  I had originally said the test will be on February 11th, but the students do not have school that day!  We will plan to have the test on either Thursday the 10th or Monday the 14th.  I will make a decision by the end of the day Monday and relay the information to you. Thank you.  Regarding the test, the students should put the majority of their focus into reviewing and mastering the locations.  I will provide the abbreviations for the students to use while taking the test. Along with the study packet (which includes a couple of blank tests for the students to practice with) I have some online review sites linked as well.  

Reading: Fourth graders read the historical fiction story, Riding Freedom & the informational text, Spindletop. Our target comprehension skill is: compare & contrast. Students learn more about figurative language: similes, metaphors and personification. We find several examples of personification in our story this week and use them in a written response. Students work on reading aloud with a steady rate: not too fast, not too slow. Our goal is around 100-120 words per minute with expression and correct phrasing and pausing.

Language Arts: We hold several rounds of our classroom spelling bee! Students work on some Catholic Schools Week creative writing activities. There will NOT be a spelling test this week. The next spelling test will take place on Thursday, February 10th.  Study sheets for this test will be in your child’s filer by this Thursday.

Religion: We celebrate Catholic Schools week with opportunities for service, including planting primroses around campus on Tuesday.  A special thank you to the families of Hattie, Nathan, Jack, Rowen and Lexi who volunteered to deliver some of the Certificates of Appreciation to our local businesses. The certificates, directions and a script for the 4th grader were sent home on Friday. These certificates can be delivered any day this week–or next!  Thanks for snapping a photo if you can!  Be on the lookout for these certificates around West Seattle!

Math: Students use division to solve multi-step problems. They practice the strategy: “draw a model/picture” as they go through the problem-solving process: understand-plan-solve-check. Sometimes the numbers don’t divide evenly, leaving a remainder. Students are learning to recognize new math vocabulary: quotient, divisor, remainder, dividend. Students continue to practice multiplication and division facts daily in the classroom. Thank you for supporting this practice at home through Xtra Math, flash cards, games, etc. As a result, you can expect to see steady growth over the next few weeks as students are assessed weekly on basic math facts.  

Valentine Box Project:  This week the students will receive instructions for the 4th grade Valentine Box project this week.  We will go over the instructions in class before sending them home.   This is a fun project—which includes design, math and engineering,—as well as time management. Be creative! We encourage creative reuse of items you already have!!  Students should also plan on bringing in valentine cards for each of their homeroom classmates on February 14th. We will send a class list home with the students along with the directions.

Catholic Schools Week Schedule:

  • “Rooted in Our Faith Community” Saturday/Sunday, January 29th & 30th:  Opening Masses: All weekend Masses will celebrate our school and include student readers and the Champions of Holy Rosary Award. Families attend Mass or watch online.  Students that do attend Mass in person are asked to wear their uniforms to represent our school.


  • Monday, January 31st:  “Rooted in Our Parent Community”  Students can wear Gator Gear/CYO/athletic gear today. Show your spirit!  Look for some special letters of appreciation for parents to come one day this week (when we finish! :-)—one in your child’s filer and one in your email We will also have an All-School Bingo the last hour of the day.  This is a no-homework night!  Enjoy the special treat that will be coming your way with your family.


  • Tuesday, February 1st: “Rooted in our Greater Seattle Community” Appreciation/Outreach:  Every class is participating in some type of service today. Every class will be  If you have a planting tool that could be sent in this day to facilitate digging, please label it with your name.  Thank you to the families that will be delivering the certificates of appreciation to our local businesses!  This is a “Jeans/free dress day”.  


  • Wednesday, February 2nd:  “Rooted in Honoring our Grandparents and Special Friends” Students will be working on a craft/card to give to their grandparents or a special senior from the Holy Rosary community. A special video will be created from the school to share.


  • Thursday, February 3rd: “Rooted in Appreciation of Lifelong Learning and Staff”  Perfect uniform day. We will complete our classroom Spelling Bee (Bees will have started earlier in the week). The students will have a chance to tour the upper grades’ Science Fair, Invention Convention and Pyramid Projects. Each class in the school will be honoring a special staff member today.  From 2:00-2:40 we will have an all-school read in.  Students should bring a special book or two they would like to read during this time.
  • Friday, February 4th:  “Rooted in Appreciating our Students” The Spirit Day theme this year is Wild West. Students can wear jeans/denim, boots, bandanas, cowboy/girl hats, flannel, prairie type look, etc—have fun with the theme. We will also be bringing back an adapted Spirit Assembly.  Students from each grade were randomly selected to participate for each class. The rest of the school will watch the assembly via streaming. We will include some fun activities in class today as well to celebrate our amazing students!  In the afternoon there will also be an adapted version of the 8th grade vs. teacher volleyball game—also live streamed!


  • Sunday, February 7th: Appreciating our Parish Family: This will be the wrap up Mass for Catholic Schools Week. 8th graders will be speaking at Mass to thank the parishioners and there will be a Fr. Mallahan Endowment Fund presentation after all Masses.