Catholic Schools Week 2023

Dear 4A Families,

It was nice seeing many of you at the Open House on Sunday. We have a busy and fun week ahead with many special events that will help us celebrate our wonderful school, parish and community. The last part of the newsletter will review the events of the week and include special reminders for 4th grade in particular.

If you have signed up to take a group of students to deliver certificates on Tuesday, you should have received an email from me last Sunday about the day and your responsibilities.  I will send out a reminder Monday night as well.   Thank you so much! Remember, Tuesday is a perfect uniform day.  All students should have a red Holy Rosary sweatshirt or sweater for deliveries–and representing our school!  Thank you.

Homework:  Be sure you are checking your child’s filer for corrected tests and projects in the first Home/School section.  Monday you will find math, reading, spelling and SS graded work. Homework will be light this week. There will not be a spelling test.  The next spelling test will be Thursday, February 9th.  Students will receive the new list this Thursday. There will be a bit of math homework on Tuesday and Wednesday night.  Thank you for checking over your child’s homework for accuracy.  We are beginning our unit on long division.  The majority of the students have mastered, or nearly mastered their multiplication and division facts for automatic recall.  Just a reminder, those students that are still working on this skill are expected to be practicing nightly!  Mastery of the facts is an integral part of math success.  Thank you for your continued diligence supporting your children with this critical skill.

  Just a reminder, the Liturgical Year test is next Wednesday, February 8th. All students have a study packet in their filer, you can also access extra study sheets and links for online practice under the RELIGION tab above. We will be doing several review this week in class as well.  

Because of the light homework this week, students might want to get started on their Valentine Box Project that is due no later than Monday, February 13th or 14th. Hard copies of the directions will be in your child’s filer on Monday,  and you will also be able to access them on our website in the tabs above. This is a fun project—which includes design, math and engineering,—as well as time management. Be creative! We encourage creative reuse of items you already have. 

Catholic Schools Week Schedule:

This link will take you to an overview page of Catholic Schools Week events.

There is a Book Fair during Catholic Schools Week!

We encourage parents to create ‘eWallets’ for their students to make shopping easier at the Book Fair. Directions will be sent home with a letter about the Book Fair. Please visit the website to sign up for the eWallet

Sunday 29th: 

Catholic Schools Week Liturgy and Open House.  Students wear uniforms to Mass this weekend.

Monday 30th:

Students may have free dress in Holy Rosary/Gator Gear/CYO apparel. Yearbook photos for CYO will be taken this day.    

We will enjoy an all school BINGO game the last hour of the day on Monday.

Parents, look for some special letters for you from your children today in your child’s filer.  If you don’t see Monday it they might not be quite done, but you will get this week! 🙂

Click this link for my thank you to you—the parents of 4A 🙂.

Tuesday 31st:

Today we reach out to others in thanks and service.  Every class is doing some type of service today.

The 4th graders will begin their certificate delivery right after first recess (10:30) and will conclude by lunchtime.  Be sure your child comes in uniform with a red HRS sweatshirt, sweater or jacket. Thank you.

Wednesday 1st:

Today we honor grandparents or special people in our lives.  Be on the lookout for an email from the school with a lovely poem with each class reciting one line of the poem.  You should forward this poem to the special people in your lives.

Thursday 2nd:

We will begin the day with the spelling bee. Congratulations to our class finalists Lauren and Liam.  The class runner up is        .  It was a very tight race, involving many rounds!  Congrats to all and good luck to our 4A reps! This is a perfect uniform day. We celebrate our academic excellence.  We will end the day with an All-School Read In.  Students should have a book they love to read at school.  4th grade students may also bring in a pillow or stuffed animal on Thursday (not too big please) to cozy up with as they read if they choose.

Friday 3rd:

Surfers vs. Bikers Theme Free Dress Day.   

  • Surfer ideas: board shorts, loose t-shirts, baggy pants, Hawaiian shirts, sunglasses, graphic tees, flowy dresses, Vans/Converse
  • Biker ideas: leather jackets, all black, chains, white t-shirt, old jeans, boots, bandanas, gloves, chokers, sunglasses

We have the always exciting spirit assembly in the morning at 9:00, and the crowd pleasing 8th grade vs. faculty volleyball game in the afternoon at 2:00.

Happy Catholic Schools Week 2023