First Week of Advent

Dear 4A Families,

Happy first week of Advent! I hope you all had a wonderful Thanksgiving! It was a pleasure to meet with you all during the Celebrations of Learning last week.  I am looking forward to a fantastic second trimester ahead!

The signs of the season are beginning to appear. As we prepare this Advent season we are asked to look for ways we can serve others. As a school we are asked to participate in outreach/service opportunities. The 4th grade students are collecting for St. Vincent DePaul.

All donations should be brought to school during the next pickup days (December 13/14.) We will have a box available in which items will be placed. Please consider helping your child “earn” their donation. They could do some chores around the house, rake leaves for a neighbor, or anything at all! In addition, the students wrote notes of encouragement during class that they can bring in with their donations that can be distributed with the food.  Please make sure that your child’s name is NOT on the note. Thank you all for your generous donations.

 Here are the most needed items, but feel free to send any non-perishable food items.  Thank you!

  •   Hearty Soups/Chili

  •   Cranberry Sauce

  •   Canned Pumpkin

  •   Stovetop Dressing

  •   Peanut butter (16oz)

  •   Canned chicken

  •   Canned fruit

  •   Cereal, Crackers

If your child completed cards for the tree lot you can still drop them off right to the Tree Lot!   This is such a nice addition to the purchases and a nice way to show appreciation.  The students worked on these in class, but they are encouraged to make more if they like!

From Ms. Mudge–Special Christmas Music Plans:

Students will need to have available the following for music classes in December:
Christmas hat and scarf (scarf optional) to wear for the recording
Something that jingles – could be jingle bells or keys or other jingly small item
Their recorder and recorder book
They should be practicing the two new notes: high C and high D – as well as G, A, and B; and the song “Jingle Bells” (on page 14, OR print out the music posted on their Music Google Classroom from 11 – 20).
If any of the students are interested in playing the recorder OR singing on a part of “Jingle Bells” for the recording, please email Ms. Mudge or— the student can tell Ms. Mudge in class.
Thank you – Ms. Mudge


Language Arts: The students will begin a creative writing project called “The True Story of Santa’s Reindeer” this week. This project will reinforce paragraph skills, perspective/point of view, strong leads and conclusions, along with descriptive word choice.  We will even be doing a little reindeer research!

Spelling: The spelling words this week are primarily The Great Lakes and other locations we have been mastering for our map tests.

Social Studies:  The students did well on the NE/SE combination map.  The next map test covers the Midwest states and 4 of the Great Lakes.  The test booklet says the test will be December 1st, but the correct date for the Midwest test is actually December 8th.  We will then have a combination NE/SE/Midwest test on December 15th.  Our classwork will focus on the Early Explorers of the NW Coast.

Math: This week, students will take a break from the workbook to explore the Sieve of Eratosthenes. This is an ancient method of finding Prime Numbers. We will be working on this project on Tuesday. Ask your student to show you their Sieve! We will also continue with chapter four and understanding multiplication. Please make sure your child is continuing to practice their basic multiplication facts (0-12) through Xtra Math, flash cards, playing cards, or any other methods!

Science: We are almost ready to wrap up our brain unit! Students have become experts on the different parts of the brain, and they have worked hard to continue learning! This week, we will take a short quiz, and then we will start our final projects next week. Students will create a podcast or video that shows others how to prevent and evaluate concussions.

Religion:  Our religion classes are focusing on the Corporal Works of Mercy. The students will need to have the Seven Corporal Works of Mercy memorized for a test on Thursday, December 10th.  Advent and the Liturgical year will also be an important part of our religion work in the next three weeks.

Have a wonderful week ahead. December here we come.