Happy New Year 2018

Dear 4A Families,

Welcome Back.

I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas holiday and that you are ready to jump into the New Year 2018! We have some exciting learning adventures ahead. This Friday the students of 4A will lead the All-School Prayer Service in the School Hall at 8:30.  Please join us if you are able.  The students will bring home new copies of their parts for the prayer service on Tuesday.  Thank you for practicing with them.  A few of the parts have slight changes from the ones they received before the break.  I would like all students to wear a red Holy Rosary Red Sweatshirt or Sweater on Friday during the prayer service.  If they are wearing Gator Gear, they can put that on after the prayer service.  Thank you!

This we will spend some time sharing about our holiday breaks and considering some New Year’s Resolutions, especially those that apply to our studies and relationships at school. We will review our classroom and school procedures and rules.   Reviewing routines and procedures will help us start the year off right.  We will be focusing on our Steps to Respect lessons to support our resolutions.

Religion: Advent marked the beginning of the new Liturgical Year.  In religion classes these next few weeks we will be learning about the Seasons of our Church, important feast days, and how to read a liturgical calendar. This week the students will fill out two study sheets for their Liturgical Year test that will take place Tuesday, January 23rd. All students will have this study sheet in their filer on Wednesday. Extra copies will be available on the website under the Religion Content tab but he end of the week. Don’t wait until the last minute to prepare! This is a two-part test in which the students will answer questions about the liturgical year as well as fill in and correctly color a liturgical calendar. We will review in class and use our texts to further our understanding of the Church Year. You should quiz your child at home on both the calendar and related questions. I have created an online practice site here as well.

Reading/Language Arts: We will be starting out the New Year with the Chris Van Allsburg story Jumaji.  We will be discussing story elements of fantasy and reality as well as practice the story to be performed as a readers theater.  Students will practice reading with expression, projection and pacing for the performance we will give the the third graders.

Our language arts activities will focus on the four types of sentences; declarative, interrogative, imperative and exclamatory. Students will be able to both recognize and compose quality sentences of each type, understanding the importance of proper punctuation in conveying meaning.

Spelling: The spelling words this week is Unit 29 the months of the year and days of the week.  The test will be this Friday as usual.

Math: Our lessons this week will focus on rounding to estimate products, using models and arrays to communicate multiplication problems, and multiplying larger numbers using the traditional algorithm. Look for homework each night.

Please check your child’s filer for lots of corrected papers from before the break.

Don’t forget the January $1.00 donation for Uganda. Thank you for your support of our Ugandan friends.

Have a great first week of 2018!