Happy New Year 2021

Dear 4A Families,

Welcome Back.

I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas holiday and that you are ready to jump into a hopeful New Year 2021  We are welcoming a new student to 4A this week. His name is Miles Rice.  Welcome Miles, we are happy you are joining Holy Rosary and 4th grade.

On Monday we will take time to share some favorite holiday events and we will review our Zoom classroom and work expectations and procedures.  Reviewing routines and procedures will help us start the year off right. The students will also be reviewing and perhaps updating the goals they made during conferences as we start 2021.

 This week the students will begin their study of the Liturgical Year.  The students will learn the seasons of the Church Year and the symbolism of the colors and traditions of the Liturgical Calendar. We will spend a little extra time on Epiphany this week! The students will be filling out study sheets this week they will use to prepare for an upcoming test.  The test will take place on Thursday, January 21st.

Just a reminder, Wednesdays are Mass days and students are asked to wear their uniforms on Wednesdays.   They should be wearing their red Holy Rosary sweatshirts or sweaters. Thank you!

We are moving back into our anthology this week as we begin a mini unit on Dr. Martin Luther KingJr., the Civil Rights Movement. This unit will lead into our larger biography unit. Stayed tuned for more!

Language Arts: Our language arts activities will focus on the parts of speech: nouns, verbs, adjectives, adverbs as well as subject/verb agreement. This will be an ongoing review all month that will tie into our writing tasks. We will review cursive forms and do a little New Years writing!

Spelling: Our spelling words are the months and days…proper nouns, which means they need to be capitalized! The students will also be expected to memorize the Month Poem no later than January 29th.

Math: Our new chapter will focus on the accurate computation when multiplying by a two digit number.  We will use several strategies that will lead to the algorithm for this skill.  We will also review skills we have learned up to this point.  Starting next week we will begin flexible groupings for math. Stay tuned for more information.  Look for math homework each night this week.

Social Studies:   This week the students will be moving into our unit on the Lewis and Clark Expedition.  We will begin with the Louisiana Purchase and some background information on Lewis, Clark and President Jefferson.  Students should be reviewing for the combination NE/SE/Midwest test on January 12th.

 We pushed back our final project so that it wouldn’t be interrupted by Winter Break. So, this week, we will start our Brain Injury Prevention Projects! Students will be working in groups of 3-4 students. This will be a unique challenge on Zoom, but I’m anticipating that the students will embrace it with joy and creativity! The purpose of the project is to create a public service announcement to help children recognize signs of concussions and prevent them

That is about all for this first week back.  We have lots of great learning ahead and I am excited for some hopeful  changes in this New Year 2021.

Happy Epiphany!