In-Person and Remote Learning Information

January 22nd

A Few Reminders from Anna Horton as we make the transition to In-Person Learning:

1)  The drop off/pick up schedule is as follows: 

Last names A-I:  Drop off at 8:10-8:20, pick up 2:45-2:55 (1:45-1:55 Wednesdays)

Last names J-Q :  Drop off at 8:20-8:30, pick up 2:55-3:05  (1:55 – 2:05 Wednesdays)

Last names  R-Z  (and am/pm preschool families):  Drop off 8:30-8:40, pick up at 3:05-3:15 (2:05-2:15 Wednesdays)

Students will be dismissed from their rooms to gather their belongings at the start of the pick up window for their last name and will leave to be picked up as soon as they have their belongings together.  Please pick up students promptly at the designated pick up time and arrange a pick up location ahead of time with your child(ren).  It is important that all families maintain social distancing and leave promptly so we can avoid any gatherings outside of the school.  For your assistance, red social distancing markers will be painted at all entrances to the school.

2)  Students should come to school in a clean uniform each day wearing a clean mask that covers the nose and mouth.  Please check the fitting of your child’s mask and ensure that a second clean mask is sent in his/her lunchbox each day.  Reminder, there is no hot lunch and no milk at this time.  Your child should come with a full water bottle each day as well.  We have installed new bottle fill stations so your child can refill their water bottle during the school each day.

3)  Students should come to school each day wearing a coat with a hood.  All efforts will be made to get students outside rain or shine for recess and for their outdoor socially distanced PE.  For students remaining at home, PE videos will be provided for your child to follow during PE class, or we encourage you to participate in your own outside PE if you are able.

4)  Music instruction will be provided for all students, as Ms. Mudge will Zoom into the classroom. In essence, music will remain remote for all students, whether they are in person at school or not.

5)  Please remember to screen your child prior to their arrival at school and send students with a completed attestation to the door.  Students should utilize the same entrance doors they did previously.  If your child is returning for the first time now, classes 1B, 2A, and 2B enter at the front of the school, 1A, 1C and 2C enter behind the school.  KA enters at the ramp gym door and KB enters behind the gym.

6) As we approach the day for students to return to campus, please plan on sending emergency kits with your children on their first day back to school. The list of supplies is available here:

7)  Finally, please remember that if your child is showing any symptoms of illness, or you believe he/she may be getting sick, please do not send them to school.  Contact the office (206-937-7255 or with any questions you may have regarding this policy or to discuss your particular situation.  Any sick student may revert from in person instruction to remote instruction if needed during the duration of the illness, if you suspect your child is getting sick, or if you are in quarantine because of a potential COVID exposure.  In the event of sudden illness or need to stay home for circumstances such as these, please contact your child’s homeroom teacher to arrange for any needed materials. We are happy to work out a way to get the materials to you in the case of illness.  Excluding illness, we ask that in person students make all efforts to attend school in person and to not remain home for reasons other than illness or other excused absences approved by the school.

Thank you for your continued partnership as we navigate these next steps.  It is our sincere goal to be able to remain open for in person instruction.  Collectively we can all minimize the risk of potential COVID-19 exposure in our classrooms by adhering to the expectations outlined in the Family Pledge and our Reopening Plan.

Thank you for your support!  We are all grateful for you.  Please don’t hesitate to reach out with any questions you may have.

In Christ,

Anna Horton

January 15th

Dear Fourth Grade Families, 

We are excited to share that we will begin welcoming our fourth graders back to campus! Fourth Grade (4A and 4B) will return on Wednesday, January 27th.

As we make this transition, we will be making one significant change to the schedule beginning January 25th:   the new schedule will be Monday – Thursday for in person/remote instruction and asynchronous Fridays will also begin the week of 1/25.  This means that work will be provided for students to complete on Friday as a school day, but there will be no in person or remote instruction on Fridays (pre-recorded music and PE will also be provided).  This will allow teachers to receive the planning time they are missing on the other days as we work to protect our cohort groups. In addition, this will allow us time to check-in with students who are remaining fully remote.

In preparation for all of this, we are sharing a few items with you today:

1)  The most updated reopening plans will be available on our website.  These continue to be refined as guidance from the Governor and Public health changes.

2)  The Screening Attestation Ticket is linked here and is also available on our website under the COVID-19 tab.  Each day, as students arrive on campus, they will be required to present this completed ticket to a staff member at the door as they arrive.  Students must be screened at home prior to arriving at school, though an additional temperature check will occur at the door when the ticket is presented.

3)  Thank you for sharing your return to school plans with us.  We are using this information to prepare classrooms for the week of January 25th.  If your plans have changed, please let your homeroom teacher know ASAP.  Once we resume in person instruction, we ask you to provide at least a week’s notice to your homeroom teacher if you are choosing to revert from in person instruction to remote instruction.

If you have chosen to for your child to remain remote, your child will have the opportunity to follow the in-class schedule and to watch instruction as it occurs in the classroom via Zoom.  Homeroom teachers will share new daily schedules with you so you know what times instruction will be provided. Please note that there are significant changes to the schedule, and we ask that you carefully go over it with your child. This new schedule will begin on Monday, January 25th for all students. Please note: We will likely make adjustments to the schedule as needed.

4)  There will be no before/after school care offered at this time so we can protect the cohort groups.  If your family previously attended our Essential Workers camp, please contact Kristin Bentler in the office to discuss options if you need support on Fridays or after school.

5)  The drop off/pick up schedule will be (note a slight change from what was in our original reopening plan):

Last names A-I:  Drop off at 8:10-8:20, pick up 2:45-2:55 (1:45-1:55 Wednesdays)

Last names J-Q:  Drop off at 8:20-8:30, pick up 2:55-3:05 (1:55 – 2:05 Wednesdays)

Last names  R-Z  (and am/pm preschool families):  Drop off 8:30-8:40, pick up at 3:05-3:15 (2:05-2:15 Wednesdays)

6)  As you plan, please remember that all individuals on campus must maintain social distance and must wear a mask at all times.  Students should bring a second, clean mask in their lunchbox to wear after lunch.  There will be no hot lunch and no milk distribution at this time.

7) Both 4th grade classrooms have moved. 4A will be located in the former KB classroom, and 4B will be in the former KA classroom.

8). You will need to send in the comfort kit supplies when your child returns.  Thank you! The list of supplies is available here:

More to come next week, but we are very excited to make this transition and wanted to make sure you had the dates and drop off/pick up times to start with.

We want to thank you all as we begin to navigate this next phase of instruction, as some students return to campus.  We are all learning together, and we are committed to doing the best we can to serve students at home and those attending school in person.  Those students remaining home will watch instruction occurring live in the classroom via the Zoom link provided in Google Classroom.  We will make all efforts to include students at home in class activities as best we can, and materials will be posted to Google Classroom and provided for pick-up at school as needed.  This is new for all of us, so I am grateful for your patience as we strive to make this all a success.

Please don’t hesitate to reach out to us if you have questions.

Ms. Simpson (4A)

Ms. Benson (4B)