Learning From Home Thursday, March 26th

Dear 4A Families,

Hopefully, you’ve all been able to find a comfortable routine where you are able to be mostly independent learners. Don’t forget to help your parents out! We don’t have Gator Giving slips to give virtually, but you can be above and beyond kind at home, too! In these last two weeks of Lent you can help out with chores, make your own lunch, notice when your parents are busy with work and wait to ask questions, write a nice note to people in your house, feed the dog, and so much more!  Saying thank you  is delightful, showing thanks is a game changer. So, show your families how grateful you are to have them during this time!  I am so grateful for all of the 4A students and parents.  To you all I say THANK YOU ALL!

The zoom meeting was great fun today.  We will meet up on Friday at 1:00 again. Students may present a short talent if they as a fun way to end the week.  Students can also just watch if they prefer!

The link for the Friday Zoom is: https://us04web.zoom.us/j/859890072

Have a good day everyone!

Thursday Video from Ms. Simpson:Thursday March 26 video

PDF for today’s lessons: Thursday, March 26th PDF


Come to the Scholastic Book Fair … Online!


Even though our school is not open, we want the Book Fair to be available for our students and parents to get great books!

Online shopping is available from Thursday, March 26th through Wednesday, April 8th and our school benefits from every online order. All orders will ship directly to you, and book-only orders over $25 will ship free to the shipping address that you designate.

So please support the Book Fair and our school.  You can start shopping by clicking on the link to our book fair homepage and then clicking on the SHOP NOW button.



Sara Weythman



What to do! Thursday, March 26th

Reading 1

Reading Text/Anthology: 

  • Read the story, Me and Uncle Romie Pgs. 230-243.

  • Make sure you take the time to decode new words.

  • You can read aloud or silently or a little of both.

  • Answer questions #1-8 on “Me and Uncle Romie Story Hunt” in packet pg. 2

  • Optional: Use this video lesson from Ms. Corrigan to guide you through this lesson https://reading.holyrosaryws.org/category/4th-reading 

Reading 2

20 minutes silent reading: Read a chapter book of your choice for at least 20 minutes. This can be included in your Oral Bio work


Math Today

  • Reread pages 517-520

  • Complete homework (pages 521, 522)

    • Carefully tear out your homework and save it in your turn-in folder.


All of the Religion work is the same as it has been all week.  Complete all activities by Friday.

Chapter 3: Pages 93-102 

These activities need to be completed by Friday.  Split them up how it best works for you.

Complete the online review of Chapter 3 below 


Language Arts

Ongoing things to work on ANY time. These tasks are not due today. None of these have to be done TODAY.

  • Oral Biography
  • Freckle assignments

  • Xtra Math

  • Scholastic News

  • Science PLTW Activity 3: The Brain in Action (complete by Friday, 3/27)

  • Practice Memorare

  • Visit Mrs. Helling’s art site and complete an art project (optional)