Learning From Home: Wednesday, March 18th

Wednesday Video

Dear 4A Families,

Thank you for all of your feedback and support as we continue through this journey of remote learning. In response to your feedback, we have scaled back the amount of work for each day. We also adjusted the formatting to make it as student-friendly as possible, and students should be able to work through the day mostly independently. We also added a section just for the assignments that are ongoing. These do not necessarily have to be done every day, but they should be worked on some time throughout the week. This section is also great for kids who would like more learning/activities in a day.

For your convenience, we also made the tasks into a PDF so you have the option to print off and check off tasks as they are completed. Here it is! Remote Learning Wednesday, March 18, 2020

Finally, we are working on a way to send videos to go along with each math lesson. Stay tuned!

We would like all students to sign up for Zoom.  Attached you will find directions to sign your child up.  We hope to have an initial “meeting” on Friday to try things out. Our hope is to be able to teach some lessons with Zoom that the students can access (especially in math).  We also think it is a great way to just connect with one another as a class.   Ms. Benson and I are just learning how to use this as well, so do not expect any lessons until next week sometime.

Look for an email invite to a meeting sometime on Friday.

Here are the directions to sign up: Zoom sign up directions 

Here are some of the usernames and passwords of sites we will use regularly:


Wednesday, March 18, 2020

What to do!


Reading Text/Anthology:

  • Read the story “The World According to Humphrey” (Pgs. 624-637).

  • Read to yourself for most of the story.

  • Pick one or two pages to read out loud to an audience. It could be a sibling, a parent, a stuffed animal, or anyone else!

    • Read with fluency (smooth, figure out unknown words, etc
  • As you read, you should pause every few pages to identify the characters, setting, problem, solution in the story.

  • Idioms: After reading, review what an idiom is (pg. 639). Can you think of some other idioms?

Independent Reading

20 minutes silent reading: Read a chapter book of your choice for at least 20 minutes.  This can include Oral Biography reading


Today we will focus on the very important vocabulary associated with fractions.  You need to be able to describe each vocabulary word on pages 479-481 (My vocabulary cards)

  • Carefully cut out the vocabulary cards from pages 479-481.

  •  On the back of each card you will find a quick task under each of the red definitions.  Neatly write in your answer to these tasks.

  • Clip your cards together with a paperclip so they don’t get lost.

Social Studies

You will need to print and take the River and Lake test at home.  Please be honest. Your parent needs to sign the test after you complete it. It needs to be completed by Friday.  Please send a picture of your finished test to Ms. Simpson: msimpson@holyrosaryws.org  Thank you!

Test links: Main sheet


Answer Sheet: https://4a.holyrosaryws.org/wp-content/uploads/sites/17/2020/03/River-and-Lake-Answer-sheet-1.pdf

Oregon Trail

Please print out the attached link: https://4a.holyrosaryws.org/wp-content/uploads/sites/17/2020/03/oregon-trail-story-questions.pdf

Read the story. 

Complete the questions on the second page.  You will also need to highlight or underline if you do not have a highlighter  the part of the reading where you found each answer.  Please label each highlighted section with the number of the question it answers. Some highlighted sections may have more than one number.  The entire assignment can be completed by Friday

The final page (written part) is optional for extra credit.

Language Arts

  • Spelling: Review words for the spelling test. 

    • Use Spelling City and any other activities (be creative!) Please complete all Spelling City activities for Unit 19 by Friday.

Ongoing things to work on ANY time.

These tasks are not due today. None of these have to be done TODAY.

  • Oral Biography (final presentation due date TBD)

  • Freckle assignments

  • Xtra Math

  • Scholastic News

  • Science PLTW Activity 3: The Brain in Action

  • Practice the Memorare