Newsletter for February 15-22

Dear 4A Families,

We had a fantastic Valentine party on Thursday.  Thank you so much to Mandy Peterson and all the parents that helped out with this fun event.  I was so impressed with the creative Valentine boxes the students created.  A great time was had by all!

This is an odd day to send out the newsletter, but we have had a couple of odd weeks with the snow days, and winter break next week.  I thought I would send this out today to cover the basics for next week.

Sign Up for the Bingo Bash ASAP!

The Bingo Bash is fast approaching and we need everyone to sign up!  With the snow days we are a bit low on sign-ups. The Bingo Bash is one of the biggest money makers for the auction.  It is fun for the students and parents get a couple hours to have a nice dinner!    Don’t miss out—and thank you!

Here is the link to sign up your children for the Bingo Bash


Looking ahead:

Oral Biography Projects:  Hopefully all of the students are immersed in reading and researching their chosen biography choice.  This is not a project that can wait until the last minute.  Next week we will spend some time in class talking about the presentations and how to best prepare.  They will see some samples and I will answer any questions that the students have.  I will also be going over how to write bibliographies, and give the students a form they can use to simplify the process.  There is a tab above (called Oral Biography Project) with pdfs of the directions and rubrics for the project. Please let me know if you have any questions.

Oral Biography Presentations will be made from March 28th to April 5th.

Spelling: There is a spelling test next Friday the 22nd for Lesson 20.

Social Studies: The students will be taking the US River and Lake test on March 7th.  Our next unit of study will focus on the Oregon Trail.

Math:  Keep up regular practice on fact practice.  Our class lessons will remained focused on long division and interpreting remainders in story problems.

Religion:  The students are learning about the Sacraments. All students will need to be able to name from memory the Seven Sacraments and the categories of each sacrament.  Study sheets will come home on Friday with the students and can also be accessed in the religion tab above.  This test will take place March 1st.

Enjoy the President’s Day Weekend/ Winter Break! (Seems like we already had two breaks.) Don’t forget to sign up for the Bingo Bash!