Reindeer Sites

You will be doing some reindeer research for your reindeer writing.  Use your note pages to NEATLY write out interesting facts you discover about reindeer.

zz1e4adbcb1. Read the facts on this page.  Pick at least 4 facts that you find interesting about Reindeer and write them neatly on your note page.

2.  Go to this page and look for 2-3 different facts about reindeer and write them neatly on your note page.

3.  Watch this funny and fact-filled video about reindeer.  Add some more new facts (at least 4) to your note page.  You can pause the video to write your facts.

New!  If the above video doesn’t work (or if you want to see a cute baby reindeer named Blitzen) you can get lots of facts here too!

When you finish your reindeer notes you need to review for your

If you finish go to: