Second Week of Advent

Dear 4A Families,

I hope you all had a nice weekend. It is beginning to look a lot like Christmas!  The field trip to Pike Place Market last week was great fun.  Thank you to all of our chaperones. Report cards will be coming home this Friday.  I am asking the students to wait to open their report cards until they are with a parent.  Please return the empty, signed envelope by Wednesday the 18th. I am so proud of the hard work and progress made by the students of 4A!

This Friday the 4A students will lead the Prayer Service at 8:30.  The theme of the service will center on St. Lucy Day (Santa Lucia) day.  Join us if you are able. The students will have a copy of their part to read (unless they are in the skit).  Please have them practice reading slowly and clearly…pausing at punctuation.  Thank you!

Outreach: Next Wednesday, the 18th at Mass we will bless all the items and organizations that the school has been collecting for during our Advent Outreach. Thank you all so much for your generosity in collecting for the Pike Market Food Bank and Senior Center.  All students are also asked to bring in a dollar (or more) for Uganda.  We were short in November on collections.  Thank you all.  The spirit of giving is alive and well in 4th grade.

untitledPrayer Partners: Last Friday all students should have come home with their Faith Family Prayer Partner name, directions and card stock to make a special card for their prayer partner.  All cards should be brought to school no later than Tuesday, December 17th. We will exchange them at our final Faith Family meeting on the 20th.  Make sure the cards are neatly and thoughtfully completed and nicely decorated.  All students should include their prayer partner in their daily prayers as well. If students will not be at school on the 20th, they are still expected to make a card and turn it in before they leave.  Thank you.

Reading:  The Charlotte’s Web Quote Posters are due next Wednesday the 18th. You can access a PDF copy of the book here.  The students will also have a study sheet for the Charlotte’s Web vocabulary test in their filer.  The vocabulary test is Monday, December 16th.   We have spent a good amount of time practicing at school so they should know the words fairly well.  The test is matching words with definitions.

Spelling: Lists for lesson 12 were sent home last Friday.  This test will be this Friday as usual.  There will not be a spelling test the week of 16th.

Math: We are wrapping up Chapter 4 this week with a test on Friday.  The students are learning different strategies to solve multiplication problems.  They are making good strides with these concepts.  Thank you for checking over your child’s homework for accuracy.  Keep going on the math facts!

Social Studies:  The Midwest State test has been been changed to Thursday, December 12th. We will be introducing the early explorers by sea to Washington State as we move into our Explorers unit.

Religion: The students will be tested on memorization of the Seven Corporal Works of Mercy next Tuesday the 17th.  There is not a spelling test next week, but students can get extra credit in spelling if they spell them all correctly.  In class the students are doing a group project on one of the Works of Mercy that they will present to the class.

Science: This week we will be identifying key vocabulary for our unit on wind energy.  Using the Beaufort Scale we will look at how we can measure wind speed using observational data. We will also begin creating a wind instrument, an anemometer, to measure wind speed.

Be sure to check filers for graded papers and clear out old study sheets as we begin the new trimester.


  • Math HW: Tuesday, Wednesday Thursday this week
  • Charlottes Web Vocabulary Review
  • Midwest State review
  • Quote Poster
  • Works of Mercy Review
  • Prayer Partner cards due next Tuesday

 Upcoming Test Overview:

  • December 12th: Midwest State Test
  • December 13th: Spelling test Lesson 12
  • December 13th: Chapter 4 Math test
  • December 16th: Charlotte’s Web Vocabulary test
  • December 17th: Work of Mercy Test
  • Quote Poster due December 18th.

Have a great second week of Advent everyone!