Learning From Home: Tuesday, March 24th

Dear 4A Families,

Thank you all for everything you are doing. We really appreciate your time, dedication, feedback, flexibility, and everything else!

FYI: This week the students will take their spelling test on Spelling City on Friday. Thank you for making sure the students have no support sheets when they do this lesson.  Thank you.

PDF for today’s work: Tuesday March 24th

From Mrs. Helling:

Before school closed students finished a unit tying art into their brain-science unit. They examined which side of the brain helped with drawing and studied art from a Dutch contemporary artist,  Salventius. Students made abstract blind continuous line portraits in his style (very fun to do, have your child show you!). Salventius released coloring sheets this week and I hope the kids enjoy using them at home! I also emailed him pictures of their work and he responded,  “Your students did a great job! Strong, confident lines, I love them!”

Ms. Simpson’s Video: IMG_3801 3

Here are some of the usernames and passwords of sites we will use regularly:

What to do Today: March 24th

Reading 1

Comprehension Test:

  • Online assessment.

  • You will log in to your “Freckle” account.

  • Here is a direct link:


  • There will be a reading (about the Beatles)

  • This assignment is to read the article and answer the comprehension questions.

  • We will review your results online.

  • Some of you have already done this.  If you like you can do a different story.


Reading 2

20 minutes silent reading: Read a chapter book of your choice for at least 20 minutes.



Lesson 5: Simplest Form (pages 511-516)

  • Reread pages 511-514

  • Go through the independent practice with Ms. Benson to check your work here: https://youtu.be/LlLhEcY_BN8 

  • Complete the homework pages (515-516)

    • Carefully tear out your homework and save it in your turn-in folder.


If you still need this: Teacher Tip! Simplifying fractions is also called reducing fractions. Remember your factor work! If you can divide the numerator and denominator by the same factor, that is the key to reducing/simplifying fractions. If you can find the greatest common factor, you only need to divide the numerator and denominator one time. You will never divide JUST the numerator or JUST the denominator. They are a package deal! You must divide them both by the same factor.



Chapter 3: Pages 93-102

These activities need to be completed by Friday.  Split them up how it best works for you.

Complete the online review of Chapter 3 below 


  • You will be taking an online test.  You can use your book for this test.  This is the first time we are trying this online format.  Let me know how it goes. Once you get in you have to finish in an hour or less (so just don’t walk away and forget about it)

  • https://www.classroomclipboard.com/824295/Test/620C9699-B666-4401-B70E-8C9EDD19E6CD

  • Access Code is: T6F6JJH

  • This link takes you directly to this online test and will be the same for all published changes.



Language Arts

  • Spelling: Review words for the spelling test for Lesson 8

    • Use Spelling City


Ongoing things to work on ANY time. These tasks are not due today. None of these have to be done TODAY.

  • Oral Biography (final presentation due date TBD)

  • Freckle assignments

  • Xtra Math

  • Scholastic News

  • Science PLTW Activity 3: The Brain in Action (complete by Friday, 3/27)

  • Practice Memorare

  • Visit Mrs. Helling’s art site and complete an art project (optional)