Week of April 19th

Dear 4A Families!

I hope you all enjoyed the beautiful weekend!  Looks like a few more nice days ahead!

Auction:  Holy Rosary School annually holds multiple fundraising events to help offset the cost to educate vs. tuition charged.  One of these events is the AUCTION.  Nearly half the fundraising needed for the budget is raised through the AUCTION. This year due to COVID-19, we once again must hold an online event.  While we will miss seeing you to celebrate HRS, and sharing an evening of fun and fundraising, we know our online auction will be successful because of YOU!

We invite you to join us for this year’s auction beginning on Sunday, April 18 at noon with the launch of the ONLINE AUCTION. The LIVE AUCTION will be held over a one-hour time period on Friday, April 23 at 7PM. Both the HRS Fund An Item and the Holy Family Fund A School will close out the auction on Sunday, April 25. Additional information is below.

Throughout the next week you’ll be receiving a series of emails explaining the different stages of the auction. The good news is with the auction now online, no ticket is required, so feel free to pass the auction link along to family and friends. To celebrate the auction we will have FREE DRESS this Thursday.  Students are encouraged to wear a bright colored shirt to go with the colors in our auction logo

If you have any questions, please contact Beth Martin. We are so lucky to have a community that will rally to support HRS! Thank you for all you have done, and will do.

You can find more information here: https://holyrosaryws.ejoinme.org/donations 

Lunches of Love: 4th Grade is signed up for Lunches of Love during the month of April. This is a cherished Holy Rosary tradition, and we are honored to continue it this month. Items that make good lunches include nuts/trail mix, fruit cups, protein bars, individually packaged chips/crackers, Vienna sausages, jerky, ritz cheese/crackers (shelf-stable only), and a plastic spoon/fork. Water is the drink of choice. We also encourage students and families to write an encouraging and positive note with each lunch (no names, please). Families, please bring non-perishable lunches to the school office, Monday through Friday from 9am to 3pm all month. The students decorated one or two bags last week to bring home as a reminder to make Lunches of Love this month.  

Religion: We are continuing with a combination of Easter Season Bible readings, and the Ten Commandments.  The students will be tested on the 10 Commandments next Thursday, April 22nd. They will need to be able to fill in missing words for each Commandment.  The students will have a study sheet, but some words that are left off the study sheet may be slightly different from the words that are left out of the actual test.  

Math: Monday is our Chapter 8 test. Students will show what they’ve learned about fractions, including equivalent fractions, simplest form, comparing fractions, mixed numbers, and improper fractions. Please look for your child’s corrected test in her/his filer this week. This also means we will NOT have homework on Monday. There will be homework on Wednesday. We will start Chapter 9 next, which will focus on operations with fractions.

Science: This week, we are wrapping up our first exploration of sound. Students will be taking home their homemade cup phones. Have fun using the cups to send sound vibrations from afar! Students will take a short quiz to check their understanding. Look in your child’s filer for all science materials with grades.

Social Studies:  This week the students will receive a study sheet with the 6 Regions of Washington State.  In class we are learning about the features of each of these regions.  The students will need to be able to label the 6 regions for a quiz on Tuesday, April 27th.  They all have a study sheet in their filer and you can access the map here as well. It is a simple test—only six regions. Students do not need to know how to spell them perfectly, but their spellings should be close enough so that I know they can pronounce the region correctly. We will be learning about the features of the regions in class this week. We will also review for the map test.

Reading: On Monday and Tuesday we will finish up work on our story from last week; Humphrey.  On Wednesday we will begin our final Novel Unit: From the Mixed Up Files of Mrs. Basil E. Frankweiler.  Perhaps you read this story as a child.  It is a fantastic mystery adventure that has incredible vocabulary, wonderful relationships, humor and heart!  This week we will complete some pre-reading background information on the Metropolitan Museum of Art and Michelangelo.  

Language Arts/Spelling: The students will take their spelling test online this Friday instead of in person this week. We will do practice work in class as usual.  Here is the list of the words. The test will be assigned Friday morning and available to take by 9:00.  All students need to complete the two test activities (spelling and vocabulary) no later than 4:00 Friday.  In class we will be writing a creative advertisement from the perspective of a pet inspired by the story Humprhey we read in class last week.  

Oral Biography Project:  The Oral Biography project presentations will be taking place  May 5-13.  You will receive an email on Monday at 3:00 with time slots to sign up your child.  Parents are welcome to watch the presentations via Zoom.   At this point in the project the students should all be finished reading their biography (and hopefully starting a second read).  We encouraged students to use sticky notes to mark pages and write notes/ideas as they read.  The next step is to compile their information and begin preparing their note cards.  Note cards can be typed or handwritten.  The key is to not put too much information on each card. The note cards should contain enough information to guide the talk without writing the entire speech out.  

We will be dedicating class time this week and next for the students to work on their projects. They should have their materials at school each day.  They will receive a template this week to start writing their bibliography.  Remember, all students need to cite at least three sources of information.  Students should have their materials at school to complete parts of their project.  I will have poster board available for those students that are interested in making a poster as one of their props.  

At home you are asked to support your child as they make their note cards and practice their speeches.  The more times they practice the better.  Once they feel comfortable with what they are saying, the students should add in gestures and expression! (PVLEGS)  Please let us know if you have any questions, need supplies or assistance. 

Girls on the Run: Girls on the Run is off to a sensational start! Ask your girl about activating her star power! This is a self-regulation method meant to help the girls stay positive and feel better when things aren’t going their way.  Looking ahead, our Site-Based 5k will be held after school on Thursday, May 20th. **NOTE: You may have gotten incorrect information from GOTR Puget Sound. May 20th is the correct date of our Holy Rosary 5k. All girls will need to have one running buddy to complete the race with her.  Running Buddies register HERE. If you have any questions, please contact Ms. Benson or Ms. McNerney.

Have a wonderful week everyone!