Week of April 27th

untitledDear 4A Families,

Happy last week of April and May on Friday! I did not attend the auction this year, but I heard it was great fun.  I do not know who got the beautiful 4A artwork–but congratulations and thank you to the lucky recipient!  Buy backs will be sent home on Monday This Friday is the May Crowning Mass, so perfect uniform that day. We will also be participating in the First Friday Adoration in the afternoon.

Mark your calendars!

4th Grade Charity Bake Sale on May 21st. We will be needing parent volunteers to help set up, price and monitor/assist with the selling from about 10:00-1:00. You can sign up to come in at any point during these hours. Please email me if you will be able to help out. All families are asked to send in some delicious baked goods to sell. More info coming!

At this point (Sunday afternoon) we do not have the final—official confirmation of our end of the year field trip—but we are pretty sure it will be Wednesday, June 10th. This trip has two parts that focus on our Washington State History and celebrate a wonderful year. First, we head down under to the Underground Tour and learn about the early history of Seattle. Next we head to Alki Beach, where the Denny Party first landed to have lunch and play in the sand. We will be sending out permission slips this week. Remember, if you want to drive/attend the on field trips your Called to Protect obligations need to be updated. You can check to see if you are up to date at this site: SETA NET. Often you will need to take an online refresher that generally takes less than an hour.

Language Arts/Spelling:

Several students have already sent in their Flat Stanley Journals for me to check over. I am not grading at this point and I am not expecting completed journals at all– just giving encouragement and suggestions as needed. All students should send in their journals no later than this Thursday. I generally get them back the same day, or the next day at the latest. Thank you!

Spelling this week is Lesson 21.

untitledMusic/Recorders: Students should practice music up to and including page19.  On page 20 – they should clap out the rhythms; look over page 21 – but do not draw lines in book – we will do this in class.

Religion/Steps to Respect:

We will be finishing up our Beatitude studies this week. We will have a review and test early next week. We will do a test review in class, which will also serve as a study sheet for the test. Look for this sheet to come home next Monday to study for a test next Wednesday the 6th.

Social Studies: Students will be tested on the rivers and mountains of Washington this Tuesday the 28th. The second part of the test, the cities, will take place on May 12th. Study sheets for the second part of this test will come home on Tuesday. Taking a few minutes to quiz your child each night will help them solidify these locations. Thank you. Our class studies will continue to focus on both the early settlers of our state and the geographic features.

Math: We are wrapping up our current chapter on fractions this week. The students will bring home a practice test (that will be a mirror image of the actual test) for homework on Wednesday. The test will be on Thursday.

Reading: In class we continue to read From the Mixed Up Files of Mrs. Basil E. Frankweiler.  

Mystery Book Report: All students need to have their mystery book selected and approved by Monday the 27th. The book report plan sheet is due on or before May 18th. This needs to be signed by a parent as well. Let me know if you have any questions on this project.

All book reports are due on or before June 1st .

I know this time of year is always very busy with after school activities and events. It is also very important for schoolwork and homework to remain a priority. We have a lot of important learning during these last weeks of the school year that set the stage for 5th grade. Thank you for reinforcing good study habits at home as well as school so that we can have a strong finish to a wonderful year!

untitledHave a great week!