Week of February 23rd

Dear 4A Families,

Another beautiful weekend! It is hard to imagine we are in the last week of February already. Mark your calendars for this Friday, February 27th when 4A will be leading the Prayer Service at 8:30. Our theme will be the upcoming Sunday Gospel of the Transfiguration.

untitledLent: One great way to participate in almsgiving is to join in on the Brown Bag Fridays for St. Martin De Porres Shelter during Lent. Unlike the Lunches of Love, these lunches can and should include fresh sandwiches, fruit, cookies, etc. You are also invited to supply the additional items each week.—this week is men’s gloves. Please keep extra items separate from the lunches. It is most meaningful if the students participate in the making of the lunches themselves. Perhaps they can even help purchase items for the lunches. They will be doing a Work of Mercy: Feed the Hungry! To participate in extra prayer during Lent, 4A has signed up to attend the 7:45am Mass on March 12th. I know that other grades have signed up for different days, and your 4th grader may be attending on the date of a sibling—that is fine! We are hoping all students will attend a morning Mass at least once during Lent.

Our Lenten outreach in 4th grade will also include collections for St. Vincent de Paul—which is the organization we have chosen to support all year. We have a collection jar in our room for monetary donations ready right now. During Holy Week we will also collect canned foods. Thank you so much for your generosity!

untitledFrom the Drama Elective:

Bring the whole family to enjoy the debut of Fairy Tale Network, a fast-paced, humor-filled play about a television network challenged to improve its viewership ratings with exciting new programming! Presented by Holy Rosary School, featuring original scenes, which have been masterfully authored by the students themselves. Additionally, the whole student body of Holy Rosary School has collaborated to design a beautifully intricate and fanciful set! Come feast your eyes and indulge your imagination in an evening filled with humor, memorable fun and whimsical entertainment. This is a spectacle not to be missed!

When: Wednesday March 4th & Thursday March 5th @ 7:00pm
Where: Holy Rosary School, Main Entrance: School Hall
Cost: Donations warmly accepted at the door
*Delicious treats & refreshments will be available from our very own, Starfish Coffee!

A look at our week:

Religion: Much of our focus this week will be on our preparations for the prayer service. The students will learn about the Transfiguration and understand its meaning. We will also continue to focus on the Ten Commandments.

Please continue to remind your child to practice the Nicene Creed. The first section needs to be recited by March 5th.

Math: The students are doing very well with their long division work. Continued practice is needed to master this skill. We will work with larger numbers this week, and continue our problem solving focus.

There will be math homework Monday, Tuesday and possibly Thursday. Facts not mastered for automatic recall? Five minutes a night is needed!

untitledReading: This week the students will be learning about the wonderful Walt Disney. The students will be able to describe important events that lead to his success. They will also learn about perseverance, and working through challenging events.

Spelling: The spelling lists for lesson 12 were sent out last week. I mistakenly put lesson 11 on the list I sent home on Friday.

Language Arts: The students are working hard on their mini bio posters. We are also studying figurative language with a focus on metaphors and similes.

Social Studies: We will be finishing up our Lewis and Clark unit in the next two weeks. Our studies will then move into the Oregon Trail and early history of Washington. Look for a map/study sheet of the major rivers of the United States for an upcoming test.


Practice the Nicene Creed

Spelling test for Lesson 12

Math HW Monday, Tuesday and Thursday

Oral Biography Project

Have a wonderful last week of February everyone!