Week of February 25th

Dear 4A Families,

I hope you all had a good weekend.  Looks like we might get a full week of school this week—it’s been awhile! Hard to believe we begin March this Friday. The Bingo Bash was great fun last Friday.  Thank you all for your support of this big school fundraiser.

Upcoming Events:

Holy Rosary’s Drama Elective Presents The Fearsome Pirate Frank 

Mark your calendars for the evenings of March 7th and 8th, and plan on bringing the whole family to enjoy Holy Rosary Drama Elective’s debut of The Fearsome Pirate Frank. Come indulge your imagination in an evening filled with fun, humor, whimsical entertainment, and community building!

When: Thursday, March 7th & Friday, March 8th @ 7:00 pm
Where: Holy Rosary School – School Hall
Cost: Donations warmly accepted at the door
*Delicious treats & refreshments will be available from our snack shack!


Suess Yourself Day – Friday, March 1, 2019

In celebration of Dr. Seuss’s Birthday, Read Across America, and the celebration of literacy we will dress up as our favorite Dr. Seuss character this Friday.  Dr. Seuss created dozens of memorable characters: the Cat in the Hat, Thing 1 and Thing 2, Sam-I-Am, and the Lorax, to name a few.  Which Dr. Seuss character is your favorite? Seuss yourself!  It can be as simple as a wacky hairdo, mismatched clothes, or fun hat.  Be creative, and share your spirit for reading with our Holy Rosary Community!

Religion:  On Friday, March 1st, the students will be tested on the Seven Sacraments.  They will need to know the sacraments and their categories from memory.  In class we will continue to learn about each sacrament in detail as well as review for the test.

Reading:  We will wrap up our reading of the story of Sacagawea this week. The students practiced making visual notes of the main ideas of the story.  On Friday we will dedicate our reading time to Dr. Seuss with some fun readers theaters to practice oral reading fluency and expression

Language Arts:  The students are working on a mini biography project in class.  Each student has been assigned a topic (different from their big oral biography).  They will read a short biography and so a bit of outside research to write a summary of their lives. When we present this biography the students will get practice speaking in front of the class to practice for their big biography.  We will learn about PVLEGS to support oral presentation skills.

Spelling:  Spelling lists for Unit 17 were sent home last Friday.  The test will be this Friday as usual.

Oral Biography   Hopefully the students are reading each night in their biography.  They should be using sticky notes to mark pages with information they want to include in their presentations.  Have you child talk to you about what they are reading, even retell portions of what they have read.  I will be going over the directions/expectations for the project again this week and show the students some clips of past presentations to help them visualize what they will be doing.  Next week I will send out the days/times of our presentations so that you can sign up your child for a time that works for you if you plan to attend.  Let me know if you have any questions or need any assistance with this project.

Math: Thank you for continuing to check over your child’s math homework each night for accuracy and supporting them as they make any needed corrections.  I am proud of the great job they are doing mastering the long division algorithm and interpreting remainders.  We will continue to work for mastery of this concept all week.

Science: Last Thursday we began our mini unit on different types of energy. We began with light energy, then we will move to sound energy and finish with electrical energy. This Tuesday the students will have a lab on light energy and witness our key terms of refraction, reflection, absorption and prisms in action. After our mini unit it will be time for me to go on maternity leave. While I am gone my long term sub, Laurie Farmer, will lead the students in our Earth Science unit on minerals, rocks, and soil. The students will get a chance to meet Ms. Farmer this week, as she will be observing in the 4B classroom.

Social Studies:  We will be doing some intriductory activities this week in preparation for our Oregon Trail simulation activity that will begin next week.  The US Rivers and Lakes test will take place next Friday, March 7th.  There will be a word bank for the test.  The students will be given time to review in class and the computer lab.  Nightly review is also exxpected.

That should be it for this week!  We have a lot of great learning going on in 4th grade!  Happy March on Friday.

Homework Overview:

  • Spelling test for Unit 17 on Friday
  • Sacrament test on Friday
  • Math HW Monday, Tuesday and Wedensday
  • River and Lake Test Friday, March 7th
  • Oral Biography Project