Week of February 27th

ZZ494E7C42Dear 4A Families,

Wednesday we begin the season of Lent with the Ash Wednesday service at 8:45. Perfect uniform is required. Lent is a time when we are compelled to ask forgiveness for our sins and change our lives for the better. The ashes we receive are a sign that we are ready to change our lives. We will be focusing on three types of sacrifice and practices during Lent that will help us grow in our faith: prayer, fasting from excess and unkind actions, and good works or almsgiving. During Lent the students will be reading special Lenten prayers and Bible readings for the season.   In class today and tomorrow we will be reflecting on our plans for Lent. As a school we will be participating in several service related activities to share our gifts with those less fortunate. More on these plans next week.

Our religion classes will be focusing on not only Lent, but also the 10 Commandments.

 Reading/LA: Last week the students read and began practicing for a reader’s theater presentation of the book Jumanji. We will present to the third graders later this week. Our next story is a folktale called Stormalong.

Spelling: Spelling lists for Lesson 5 were sent out last week. This week’s words are homophones. Students will need to know both the spelling and meaning of each word.

untitledMath: The students are making good progress learning long division. Along with mastering the algorithm, we will be focusing on problem solving with division. Knowing how to interpret remainders is an important part of understanding division. Look for math homework each night.

Social Studies: The River and Lake test will take place this Tuesday the 28th. There is a word bank for the test. I will have the rivers and lakes numbered and the students will write the correct answer on the line with the same number. Study sheets are available here and the online practice site is available here. We are finishing up our study of the Lewis and Clark Expedition this week. The students will be taking a final test on this unit next Tuesday the 7th. The students will have two study sheets in their filers. One is the corrected quiz we took recently on the first half of the journey, the second will be a study sheet filled out by the students.

ZZ2799E68BScience:  This week we are building and testing an anemometer. As the March adage goes “In like a lion out like a lamb”, we will be taking advantage of the lion-like weather and continuing our look at wind energy. Look for more exciting projects to come.

ZZ1F3DC983I hope you have a good week—Happy March on Wednesday!