Week of January 17-21

Dear 4A Families,

I hope you all had a great weekend celebrating Dr. King and his world-changing legacy. Just a reminder…there is no school on Monday, January 18th in honor of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.

Catholic Schools Week Service Project:

For over 20 years, the Holy Rosary  4th grade students have been delivering certificates of appreciation to our local businesses during Catholic Schools Week. While we cannot deliver the certificates as part of a school field trip as we have in the past, we plan to keep this tradition alive as we did last year by asking families to volunteer to deliver a set of certificates after school throughout the week. This year, Catholic Schools’ Week is celebrated January 29-February 5, 2022. Volunteers will choose a day that week (either on the weekend or in the afternoon/evenings after school) and deliver certificates to various businesses in the West Seattle area. We will provide a script for your 4th grader to read as they deliver the certificates.  Student volunteers will wear the Holy Rosary perfect uniform when these deliveries are made.  Attached you will find a link to a survey that will let us know if you would be willing and able to deliver some certificates. This is not required; however, families have shared over and over that this outreach opportunity is fun and rewarding. If interested, please fill out this form by Monday, January 24th so that we can prepare the certificates.  Let us know if you have any questions, and thank you in advance for your support of these very special deliveries.

Religion: The students will practice reading their Cool School News articles and prepare to present to the class as a reporter!  We will have our own Holy Rosary News station, with 26 roving reporters!  Our next unit in religion will be the Sacraments.  The Liturgical Year Test will take place next Tuesday, January 25th. We will review in class this week, but I encourage you to quiz your child as well.  They all have study sheets in their filers. The students also can access the online practice sites for both parts of this test.  Our class work will continue to focus on the Liturgical Year as we prepare for our January 25th assessment.

Language Arts: As the students complete their Cool School News articles, they will prepare to present them to the class with strong voice projection, expression and personality. The students will also be creating a self portrait poster with a MLK quote that inspires them.

Spelling: The spelling words this week focus on words with long and short “e” sounds. Students have a study sheet in their filer and you can also access one here.  The test will take place this Friday the 21st.  

Reading: This week students will read a biography of Cesar Chavez: “Harvesting Hope.” Our target comprehension skills are: drawing conclusions and making generalizations about Chavez’ life, character traits and achievements.  As a preview to the topic and vocabulary, the students will learn about the Dust Bowl and the challenges faced by farmers during these years. In addition, we discuss the Catholic Social Teaching: Dignity of Work and Rights of Workers. Students make connections between Chavez’ leadership and positive impact on workers’ rights and that of Dr. King’s accomplishments and influence on the Civil Rights’ Movement.

Math: We are continuing to practice multi-digit multiplication. Your support at home checking your child’s homework with them is very important.  We encourage you to have your child complete one or two problems then have them checked for accuracy. In this way, if they are making errors with the algorithm they do not complete the entire page with the same errors. Thank you! The chapter 5 assessment is planned for this Friday.  The homework this week will help them prepare.  It is imperative that all students master their multiplication and division facts. Please continue to have your child work on Xtra Math and flash cards nightly until all facts are mastered.  Thank you! 

Social Studies: The students have the final set of states to begin practicing, the West/SW.  All students have a filled out practice sheet and a blank one to use to study. The test will take place on January 28th.  You can access extra practice sheets and the links for online review sites in the “Map Study Sheet” tab at the top of the 4A Webpage. We are continuing to learn about some of the Washington State symbols and features this week. 

Science: This week, students continue to learn about volcanoes. We will, of course, discuss the very recent eruption of the undersea volcano in the Pacific Ocean. Student interest is high in this topic, but even more so with this real-world connection.

Have a wonderful week everyone!