Week of January 22nd

Dear 4A Families,

I hope you all had a good weekend. It was a windy one!  We have a busy week ahead getting ready for Catholic Schools Week which begins this coming Sunday.  You will find an overview below.

 Catholic Schools Week Schedule:

  • Friday the 26th: Primrose Planting.  We are moving the date for planting up this year so that the grounds will look nice for the Mass and Open House on Sunday.  Students may wear jeans/free dress on Friday.  Students may bring planting tools if they like.  Please label them with your family name.
  • Sunday the 28th:  Mass and Open House.  The Catholic School’s Week Mass will be at 10:30.  The Open House and reception will take place from 11:30-1:30.  Please plan to attend one of the weekend Masses to help celebrate the start of Catholic School’s Week. Students are asked to wear their uniforms to all Masess on the weekend! Thank you.
  • Monday the 29th:  Students should wear Gator Gear or CYO gear today. CYO pictures will be taken for the yearbook.  Look of some special letters of appreciation for parents today—one in your child’s filer, one in your email. We will also have an All-School Bingo and Read-in for the last hour of the day.
  • Tuesday the 3oth:  Community Appreciation/Outreach. The 4th graders will be delivering certificates today from 10:30-12:30. This is a perfect uniform day for 4th graders during their certificate delivery.  I will be sending out information to all parents that have signed up to drive/chaperone this field trip with directions.  Thank you so much.
  • Wednesday the 1st:  Grandparent Lunch day. Perfect uniform day. No homework—spend some family time together!
  • Thursday the 2nd: Perfect uniform day. Spelling Bees today. Grades 1-4 at 8:30 and Grades 5-8 at 9:30.
  • Friday the 2nd:  Animal spirit day!  The Spirit Assembly is from 9:30-10:45.  In the afternoon the crowd pleasing 8th grade vs. teachers volleyball game.
  • Sunday, February 5th : CSW Closing Mass. Students are encouraged to wear Gator Sweatshirts to Mass.

Look for additional information in the eFC. Most importantly, Catholic Schools Week is an opportunity to celebrate our wonderful school and community!

Religion/Second Step:  The Liturgical Year test will take place on Tuesday.  We will have a thorough review in class on Monday.  There will be no math homework Monday night so students can focus on review for the test.  Links are here for practice/review.   Our Second Step lesson last week focused on Respecting Similarities and Differences which tied in perfectly with our lessons on the Civil Rights Movement.  This week we will focus on Understanding Complex Feelings.  We will discuss that is is possible to have more than one feeling at the same time and understand that others might have completed feelings as well.  This is an important part of empathy which is an ongoing area of focus.

Along these lines, we will be reviewing and reinforcing our classroom and school behavioral expectations.  We have much to learn, and respecting the learning environment is always expected.  This skills that will be reinforced are active/respectful listening, using kind/respectful words and actions and following directions.   

Reading/Language Arts:

This week we will continue our focus on the Civil Rights Movement.  The students will read the biography of Cesar Chavez.

Spelling lists were sent out last Friday for Lesson 14.  The test will be this Friday.  Next week there is not a spelling test.  We will be conducting our classroom spelling bee this week to determine our finalists for the School Spelling Bee next Thursday.  

ZZ711D18D2Math: We will be testing for chapter 4 this week and moving into double digit (and higher) multiplication.  We are also working on simple division with remainders.  Our classwork will continue to include measurement and geometry mini lessons that compliment our multiplication and division lessons.

ZZ7FE26AAFSocial Studies: The 50 State Test will take place this Thursday the 25th.  The students will have a list of states when they take the test and will be asked to write the abbreviation of each state.  The links on the 4A site under the title: Complete 50 State Practice offer some good online practice for both locations and abbreviations.  We are making our way along the trail with Lewis and Clark. Sacagawea joins the Expedition and they make their way into unmapped territory.

Science:  We got off to a great start with our PLTW Unit on the Brain last week.  This week the students will follow the Scientific Inquiry Process to design and complete and experiment that investigates the effect of a particular factor on reaction time or memory.  Students will ASK, PREDICT, INVESTIGATE, OBSERVE AND EXPLAIN.

Homework Overview:

  • Liturgical Year test on Tuesday.
  • 50 State Test on Thursday.  All students should have a packet of blank tests in their filer to review with as well.
  • Continued math fact review until all multiplication and division facts are mastered for speed recall.  Math work that is not completed at school will be sent home as homework.
  • Spelling Test on Friday for Lesson 14.

Have a wonderful week everyone!