Week of January 25th

Dear 4A Families,

The last full week of January already!  The month seems to have flown by.  I this week’s newsletter you will find both an overview of our plans this week, as well as what to expect each day during Catholic Schools Week (Jan. 30- Feb. 4)

LA/Spelling: This week’s spelling words focus on suffixes. All students have a copy of the list and it can be found in Google Classroom/in their filer. The spelling test is scheduled for this Friday the 28th. We begin the first rounds of our in-class spelling bee! Next week–during Catholic Schools’ Week–we will complete our final rounds and announce our classroom champion. **There is no all-school bee this year.

Reading: Students use text evidence in Harvesting Hope as they respond to reading Cesar Chavez’ inspiring biography. Students are becoming very adept at using context clues to define new vocabulary and are able to transfer that skill into writing, as well.

Social Studies:  The students will be tested on the West/SW States this Friday the 28th.  Finally our neighboring states!  We do practice in class, but students should review at home to solidify their knowledge of state locations. Looking forward, the entire 50 State Test will take place on February 11th.  Students can start reviewing anytime! Several fun practice sites are linked on the Map Skills tab.

Science: Students review the ways we can identify volcanoes by shape and rock color and how different types of lava create shield or cone volcanoes. We distinguish between active, dormant and extinct volcanoes. Students will take a short quiz on the terms learned in this unit (posted in Google Classroom) next Monday 1/31. 

Religion: The Liturgical Year Test will take place this Tuesday the 25th.  We will do a final review in class on Monday.  Students are encouraged to use their study packet and the online sites to review.  It would be great if mom or dad would quiz their child too! We prepare for Catholic Schools Week, which is next week. The entire student body is working together to create something special to share with the grandparents next week. Parents, your children are also working on something for you. Thank you to the families that will be delivering the certificates of appreciation to our local businesses during Catholic Schools Week. We can still use a few volunteers to deliver appreciation certificates to local businesses. Here is that sign up link–we’ll keep it open through Monday: Also during religion class this week: our school counselor, Ms. Sampson joins us for a lesson this week to help students learn how to:

Math: Students are ready for their final Chapter 5 assessment: multiplying double digit numbers, estimating large products and problem-solving (some multi-step). Thank you for reviewing your child’s homework and offering support as they learn and practice these core skills & concepts. You will find the review sheet we did on Friday in the front pocket of your child’s filer. As we begin chapter 6, students will review the inverse relationship of multiplication and division. We practice multiplication and division of basic facts each week at school and students are reminded to practice them at home, too. Students are making progress with this consistent practice! 

Catholic Schools Week Certificate Delivery Service Project:

Thank you to those families who volunteered to deliver certificates to local businesses!. On Friday we will send home a script for your 4th grader to read as they deliver the certificate along with the certificates you are to deliver. We ask that your child wear his/her Holy Rosary uniform (with the red sweatshirt) when these deliveries are made. We would love any pictures you would be able to take as the certificates are delivered. Please let us know if you have any questions, and thank you for your support of these very special deliveries!  

Catholic Schools Week Schedule:

  • “Rooted in Our Faith Community” Saturday/Sunday, January 29th & 30th:  Opening Masses: All weekend Masses will celebrate our school and include student readers and the Champions of Holy Rosary Award. Families attend Mass or watch online.  Students that do attend Mass in person are asked to wear their uniforms to represent our school. 
  • Monday, January 31st:  “Rooted in Our Parent Community”  Students can wear Gator Gear/CYO/athletic gear today. Show your spirit!  Look for some special letters of appreciation for parents today—one in your child’s filer and one in your email. We will also have an All-School Bingo the last hour of the day.  This is a no-homework night!  Enjoy the special treat that will be coming your way with your family.
  • Tuesday, February 1st: “Rooted in our Greater Seattle Community” Appreciation/Outreach:  Every class is participating in some type of service today. Every class will be planting primroses around the school today! If you have a planting tool that could be sent in this day to facilitate digging, please label it with your name.  Thank you to the families that will be delivering the certificates of appreciation to our local businesses!  This is a “Jeans/free dress day”.  
  • Wednesday, February 2nd:  “Rooted in Honoring our Grandparents and Special Friends” Students will be working on a craft/card to give to their grandparents or a special senior from the Holy Rosary community. A special video will be created from the school to share.
  • Thursday, February 3rd: “Rooted in Appreciation of Lifelong Learning and Staff”  Comfy/Cozy day!   We will complete our classroom Spelling Bee (Bees may have started earlier in the week). The students will have a chance to tour the upper grades’ Science Fair, Invention Convention and Pyramid Projects. Each class in the school will be honoring a special staff member today.  From 2:00-2:40 we will have an all-school read in.  Students should bring a special book or two they would like to read during this time. Students can also bring a small pillow or stuffed animal today.
  • Friday, February 4th:  “Rooted in Appreciating our Students” The Spirit Day theme this year is Wild West. Students can wear jeans/denim, boots, bandanas, cowboy/girl hats, flannel, prairie type look, etc—have fun with the theme. We will also be bringing back an adapted Spirit Assembly.  Students from each grade were randomly selected to participate for each class. The rest of the school will watch the assembly via streaming. We will include some fun activities in class today as well to celebrate our amazing students!
  • Sunday, February 7th: Appreciating our Parish Family: This will be the wrap up Mass for Catholic Schools Week. 8th graders will be speaking at Mass to thank the parishioners and there will be a Fr. Mallahan Endowment Fund presentation after all Masses.

Look for additional information in the eFC. Most importantly, Catholic Schools Week is an opportunity to celebrate our wonderful school and community!  Let me know if you have any questions!