Week of January 9th

Dear 4A Families,

We made it through the first week back at school.  It was so nice seeing the students.  They came back with positive attitudes and they had a very productive week!  

Catholic Schools Week this year is from January 29th to February 3rd.  On Tuesday the 31st  the 4th graders will be delivering certificates of appreciation to many of the local businesses that support our school. This has been a 4th grade tradition for more than 20 years!   You have probably seen certificates hanging in some of the businesses you visit.  We need parent volunteers to drive/chaperone small groups of students as they deliver certificates on this day. Mark your calendars! Permission slips were sent home on Friday the 6th. Please have these turned in by this Wednesday the 11th, and please consider helping out as a chaperone on this special service project. We really need you! Thank you so much.  If you are able to chaperone, please take a minute to double check your Virtus account to be sure you are up to date/compliant. 

Reading: Students read about Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.’s life and accomplishments and learn more about the Civil Rights Movement. Students reflect on a variety of Dr. King’s famous quotes (there are so many) and illustrate one that they find most meaningful.

Spelling:  The spelling words focus on long and short e sounds. This test will take place this Friday.  The students will also be expected to memorize and recite the Month Poem by Friday as well as recite the months of the year in order from January to December at the same time they recite the poem.   

Language Arts:  The  Cool School News directions came home last Wednesday.  Thank you for your assistance with the note taking portion of this assignment. Please make sure the completed assignment comes to school with your child on Wednesday when we will begin writing our rough drafts.

Religion: The students are working on their Works of Mercy Posters. Each group will present their posters to the class by the end of the week.  We will then move into a study of the Liturgical Year.

Social Studies:   The NE/SE/Midwest State test is this Friday.  I will include support for the abbreviations on this test, so the students should focus on mastering the locations.  These are not new states, but the states the students have already been tested on.  This week the students will be introduced to Lewis and Clark, and learn about the Louisiana Purchase.

Science: We will move on to the last lesson in the science unit Waves of Sound. The lesson will focus on sound waves and wavelength. The students will discover that sound is a wave. In the activity Making Waves, students will draw the waves that different sounds make using a virtual oscilloscope, a machine that shows images of sound waves. Then they will vibrate a rope to make waves that look like the ones made by the oscilloscope. 

Math: Students will be practicing multiplying multi-digit numbers using estimation, area models and the Distributive Property. We will move into the algorithm for multiplication for multiplication with a two-digit multiplier later in the week. Look for math homework each night.  Students are expected to practice multiplication and division facts nightly (Xtramath or flash cards) until all facts are mastered. We are so proud of the great progress the students have been making with their facts. Thank you for your support with this important skill. 

Here’s to a wonderful week of learning.  

Enjoy the holiday next Monday to honor 

Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.