Week of June 1-4

Dear 4A Families,

Happy June everyone.  I hope you all enjoyed the Memorial Day Holiday weekend. Only two weeks left! Let’s do our best to keep the momentum going and have a strong finish to our academic year.  On Wednesday, June 3rd, all students are asked to wear their new “We’re in This Together” t-shirts modeled by our class mascot Wilbur.

Overview of the Week:

Next week, on Wednesday, June 9th, we will be collecting all iPads. Please make sure your child comes to school with her/his cleaned and wiped-down iPad and charger. 

Girls on the Run: Thank you to all girls, parents, and Running Buddies for a wonderful Girls on the Run Season. The girls had a fantastic celebration last week. Hopefully, the skills we learned will continue to stick with your girl forever. Please encourage her to keep her star shining bright! 

Language Arts:  The students are finishing up their creative writing essays this week. Some students have chosen to type rather than hand write their final drafts.  Students can type from home using Word or Google Docs if they choose.  The final drafts should either be printed or sent to me via email and I will print by Thursday, June 3rd.  Thank you. The students will share their stories in class the last week of school. 

The students will be creating a Personal Quote Project this week as a wrap up to our year-long focus on inspiring people (including inspiring quotes).  The students will select an inspiring quote from the person they did their oral biography on, then they will compose their own quote. These quotes should focus on positive, inspirational or motivational messages that the students truly believe in. It can be helpful to select a value or theme that is important to you them   such as: kindness, forgiveness, hard work, perseverance, honesty, generosity, etc. is ok to get inspiration from other quotes, but the final product should be original. No copying quotes quote from the internet. We would appreciate the parents would take time this week to talk to your child and support them in coming up with a well-worded quote (including correct spelling and punctuation).   We will complete the actual activity at school, but we would like them to be ready with their quote by Thursday.

Spelling: There is a spelling test on Thursday.  Some students are using their Christmas coupons for this spelling test which is fine, but they all know that they do need to be able to use the rules for making words plural in a separate activity.  

Social Studies: All students received their Washington Map test back last week and should be in your child’s filer. They did very well overall. Students have taken small review quizzes on Google Docs on our SS topics of the Denny Party and Mother Joseph. I have released the scores which students can access in their gmail account. This is something they will do regularly in the upper grades, so it is good to get used to checking scores. We have a final topic to cover our last two weeks on the early days of Seattle, the Great Seattle Fire and the Klondike Gold Rush. These are always crowd pleasing topics!

Reading: We are in the final stretch! We have the last couple chapters of our novel to finish during these last two weeks. 

Math: We are completing a short chapter on perimeter and area this week and next. Students will explore different ways to think about perimeter and area, as well as real-world applications of these skills. The shortened Chapter 11 test will be on Tuesday, June 8th. 

Science: This week, we will assemble our roller coaster tracks and perform experiments with height, distance, and collisions. Ask your child about her/his innovative coaster design!

Enjoy this first week of June.  Looks like it will be a warm one!