Week of June 1-5

Dear 4A Families,

Happy June everyone.  I know this isn’t how we imagined we would spend our last two weeks of the school year, but I’m ready to make the most of it! Let’s do our best to keep the momentum going and have a strong start finish to the academic year.  I’m so impressed with the work that all of you have been doing. It is inspiring to be a part of this amazing 4A Family.

I would like to start our week with prayer:


Overview of the Week:

Zoom Meetings: This week’s Zoom schedule is as follows:

Whole Class:
Mondays, Tuesdays, and Thursdays at 1:00 pm

Whole Class Required Math:
Monday-Thursday at 9:30 am Bring math books and a pencil.

Friday Fun Day!  4A Talent Show at 1:00

I’d love everyone to share some “talent” it can even be a joke!  If students would like to film their talent ahead of time and send to me by Friday morning, we can show that instead.  It is ok to get the family or pets involved.  Have fun–be creative.  Keep talents under two minutes.

Theme Days: On Tuesday, June 2nd, the theme is animals/animal print. Next Wednesday, June 10th, the theme is Face mask/”Masq”erade Ball.

Virtual “Bake Sale?” Looking ahead to next week, on Wednesday, June 10th at 1:00 we will watch the 4A end of the year slide show I am attempting to put together.  Since we didn’t get a chance to have the 4th Grade Bake Sale this year, I thought it might be fun if the students did some baking at home for the family instead.  Students could bake what they might have baked for the bake sale, but just for the family instead.  Each student could share their creations and enjoy a little treat as they watch the slide show.

Individual Zoom Meetings: Please feel free to sign your child up for an individual Zoom meeting with me. The meeting schedule has been updated, for this week.  The meetings can serve any purpose…including a simple hello and check in! If your child needs help with something academic, and it will take longer than 15 minutes, just contact me, and I’ll set up a separate meeting. You can sign up here.

Reading: (From Ms. Corrigan)
We are in the final stretch! We have the last couple chapters of our novel to finish during these last two weeks. Encourage your child to stay on top of daily work and finish strong! I can’t tell you how proud I am of everyone! The grit and determination are impressive! We are getting stronger and smarter every day!!!

As usual, I will be providing OPTIONAL summer reading packets for those who find them useful. I plan on posting these packets in Google classroom for your convenience. If you need a PAPER copy of the packets, I ask that you email me directly mcorrigan@holyrosaryws.org by this FRIDAY so I can have them copied and ready for the pick-up/drop-off date.
If you have any questions at all about reading or your child, please do not hesitate to contact me. Parents, you’re doing an incredible job and I am humbled by your dedication and love for your children and our community.
  • There is not a spelling test this week, or any spelling activities due on Spelling City.

Math: We are working through lessons on area and perimeter this week with our lessons.  The students will take the abbreviated  test on area and perimeter (Chapter 13) on Wednesday. Test 4 on division is due by the end of the day on Thursday. Happy Numbers: Happy Numbers is a valuable program for students. In a normal classroom setting, students are doing daily math review of critical skills. During the remote learning period, Happy Numbers is a great way for students to continue this important practice. We are asking students to complete just 45 minutes of Happy Numbers per week. Please encourage your child to continue her/his work on Happy Numbers. Happy Numbers will be available for the students to use until the end of June.  It would be so beneficial if they keep up their 45 minutes (or more) until the end of the month.

Social Studies: I will be providing a word bank and specific instructions on how to take the WA Features Map test on Friday which will be on Google Docs on Friday. I am asking that parents sign the top of the map verifying that your child took this test with no help or answer sheets.  Thank you.  The Early Seattle Test on Google Classroom is due Tuesday.

Science: The Brain Injury Prevention Project is due this Friday.  Ms. Benson is happy to answer any questions the students have.  During our Monday Zoom I can probably answer most questions as well!  Remember, this is a two minute video or voice recording (podcast) submitted on Seesaw, or you can send it to me via email.

Have a good week everyone.  As always, do not hesitate to contact me for any reason!  #bettertogether