Week of March 22nd

Dear 4A Families,

Happy 4th Week of Lent and first week of spring!

Reminder for Out of State Travel: If your child is traveling out of state for Spring Break, they will not be able to return to in-person learning until April 26th. Please email the office@holyrosaryws.org with any travel information or questions.

Girls on the Run: If you signed up for Girls on the Run, you will receive more information  about the program this week. If you’d like to register there’s still time! You can register  hereThere is ONE spot open on our Holy Rosary Team.

Lent/Religion: Thank you for your generous contributions to the Uganda students and the Rice Bowl. We are only $70 short of our class goal! In class the students are learning about some of the ways the money collected from the Rice Bowls helps families around the world.   The students are also learning how to look up Bible verses in the Gospels.  They are enjoying being “Bible Detectives.”  This was also one of our class Lenten goals, to spend more time praying with and reading the Bible. Our classwork will continue to focus on the Ten Commandments. Just a reminder that all students need to be able to recite the Memorare from memory by April 1st. 

Language Arts: The students have been working hard on their Mini Bio poster projects.  I am so proud of the great writing they are doing.  This week they will do a quick one minute presentation that will give them a chance to practice what it will be like when they do their big bio.  There is one more spelling test before Spring Break on Thursday this week.  Here is a link to the words. There will not be a spelling test the week of March 29-April 1st. (Holy Week).

Social Studies:  This week the students will learn a bit more about the Oregon Trail and the Whitman Mission.  We will then move into a study of the early settlers in what would become Washington State.  The River and Lake test will take place next Tuesday, March 30th.  The students will have a word bank, and all of the rivers will be numbered. They will need to be able to name each lake and river on the map.  

Science: In our next lesson, students will learn about the types, causes, and dangers of landslides. In the activity, Slide City, students are faced with the engineering problems of protecting a house from a landslide and preventing a landslide from happening. They use a brainstorming technique to design creative solutions.

Math: This week, we are beginning a new chapter all about…fractions! Our first few lessons will help students conceptualize fractions by modeling and understanding that a fraction is just a part of a whole. The first two lessons will review factors, prime numbers, and composite numbers. Homework will be resuming this week, with a more regular schedule of homework on Monday and Wednesday nights.

Pi Competition: Congratulations to our Pi Competition Winners! In 4A, Chloe recited 55 digits of pi. In 4B, Matt recited a whopping 192 digits. Wowza! That’s impressive! Some other notable performances were by Golden, who recited 90 digits and by Dean, who recited 132 digits. All students were impressive and worked hard on memorizing the digits. Great job to all!

Have a wonderful week everyone.