Week of March 6-10

Dear 4A Families,

Happy first full week of March and second week of Lent.

On March 7, Kindergarten through Fourth grade students will enjoy a performance from the Book It Theatre. Book-It Repertory Theatre will be coming to HRS to perform Tiara’s Hat Parade. This will take place in the School Hall from 9:00-9:30. Students will be able to enjoy the story and performance right here at school! What a special treat.

Oral Biographies:  The students will bring home information on the Oral Biography Project on Monday, and the directions will be posted in an Oral Biography tab on the website.  I will be going over the details of this project with the students on Monday, and we will be practicing strategies in class that will help them plan, work through and present this project.  All students need to have a biography choice approved by me no later than March 14th, preferably by this Friday. Please refer to the information sheet when choosing a biography choice. We have a good selection of books in our classrooms, and have pulled some books from the library for the students to select from as well.  It is good to have more than one choice, as we prefer to have no duplicates.  Presentations will be made between April 26th to May 4th.

Along with going over the Oral Biography project with the students, we are finishing up our mini bio presentations in class—all of the students get a chance to practice their oral presentation skills when they share their posters!

Spelling: Spelling words for the week were passed out last Friday with a test coming this Friday. 

Reading: We are reading The World According to Humphrey with a target skill of “theme”. The students are focusing on what important lesson the main characters learn over the course of the story.  The story also focuses on the topic of media such as television and the internet—which can be powerful tools that need to be used with regulation and balance. Students will also have a chance to create a persuasive advertisement.  

Math: Look for corrected Chapter 6 tests in your child’s filer.  This week we will begin a chapter on patterns and sequences, before we move into fractions. Students learn about non numeric and numeric patterns and sequences.  We will also include review of multi-digit multiplication to keep our skills strong.

Religion: The students will be tested on the naming of the Seven Sacraments and the categories this Friday, March 10th.  All students have study sheets in their filers and we are practicing in class each day as well. Our class work is looking more closely at each of the sacraments, writing symbols and notes about each.

Social Studies: Last week we wrapped up our study of Lewis and Clark. Look for a corrected final test in your child’s filer on Monday. We will be starting our next unit on the settlers!  We will learn about the early  groups of missionaries and fur traders that headed west following Lewis and Clark leading us to a study of the Oregon Trail. We will also do some map work with the major rivers of the United States.

Science: 4B Students will be taking the Lesson 2: Light, Eyes, and Vision quiz next week. 4A students already took the test. We will be moving on to Lesson 3: Structure and Function of the Eye. Students will be using the human eye model they make in Lesson 2 and adding the pupil onto their model. Through this activity, students will learn about the function of the iris and pupil. Students will be able to observe the changes from the experiment in Lesson 2 to Lesson 3 with how much light is let in from the pupil.

Thank you for your help keeping your children organized and attentive to their homework and test preparation.  This time of year always becomes a bit more challenging–but I am so proud of the great work the students are doing.  We can do it!!

Remember, March 10th is a half-day as the teachers are taking part in a retreat.  Here’s to a great week of learning and sunny days ahead!