Week of March 8th

Dear 4A Families,

I hope you all had a nice weekend.  It is hard to imagine we are beginning the 3rd and final trimester of the year!  It is also a year ago this week that we went remote.  WOW.  Just a reminder of the importance of sending the iPads to school on Monday mornings fully charged.  This Friday, March 12th, the teachers will be participating in an inservice which means there will not be asynchronous learning this Friday.  Students of course are encouraged to read their biography books (See below).  

Oral Biographies: All students need to have a person and book selected for their project by this Wednesday, March 10th. We have a nice selection of books at school for the students to choose from.  Going forward, students should bring their biography book to and from school daily. I will often have language arts times dedicated to working on the biography.  Students also have other times in the day to read.  Thank you for helping remind your child to have their book!

Out of State Travel: If your child is traveling out of state for Spring Break, they will not be able to return to in-person learning until April 26th. Please email the office@holyrosaryws.org with any travel information or questions.

Reading/Language Arts: Along with reading their oral biographies, the students will be wrapping up some writing/reading fluency work with Sacagawea.  In class the students are researching information for a mini-bio project (not the same as the big bio).  As we work through this project the students will be practicing research and presentation skills that will support them as they work on the Oral Biography Project.

Spelling:  Words for Unit 17 ([Consonant Sound: /j/) can be accessed here.  We will work on activities in class this week to practice the words.  Students should review their words nightly at home as well.  

Religion/Lenten Outreach: Thank you for your generosity supporting our Ugandan students and filling your  Rice Bowls. If every child can share $10 during Lent, it will provide enough to support our friends this year, as usually we ask for $1/child/month.  Look for corrected Sacrament tests in your child’s filer.  We will begin our next unit on the Ten Commandments this week.  Our studies will tie in nicely with Lent as well.  Several students have recited the Memorare already!  All students need to learn and recite the prayer no later than April 1st.  I encourage the students to keep one of the copies of the prayer right by their bed and say it each night! 

Math: All 4th graders are going to compete in a Pi Day Competition this year! The winner is the student who can recite the most digits of pi in class on Monday, March 15th. Each student will memorize at least 10 digits past the decimal. The winner will get a gift certificate for a free PIE at A La Mode pies! The whole family wins with this competition!

We are wrapping up chapter 6 this week, and the test will be next week on Wednesday, March 17th. We will review on Thursday and Tuesday (with pi day in between). Please check in with your child this week about long division. There will be homework assignments on Monday, and Wednesday night will be open for review.

Science: We will continue our Mystery Science unit about the birth of rocks with a discussion and experiment about weathering and erosion. Specifically, we will explore root wedging and ice wedging. (Think potholes!) Students will be going outside on Monday to explore root wedging around the campus. Zoomers can participate at home as well. Next week, there will be materials for an erosion experiment with your pickup.

Social Studies:  We are entering our unit on the early settlers, which will include learning about the Oregon Trail.  In class this week the students will be doing an activity that will give them some great background information on the Trail.  Our map work continues this week as the students start learning the locations of the major rivers of the United States.

Be sure to check your child’s filers for corrected tests and classwork in the front pocket. You will find spelling and religion tests on Monday! Please remove corrected papers. As always, let me know if you have any questions.  Thank you!

Have a great 3rd week of Lent!?