Week of May 14th

Dear 4A Families,     

I hope you all enjoyed the Mother’s Day Weekend and Happy Mother’s Day to all of our wonderful 4th grade moms. If you did not receive your special card, please check your child’s filer!

This Thursday is the big bake sale!

All families are asked to send in some delicious treats to sell on Thursday. Students can bring their treats into the School Hall in the morning. There will be tables set up when you arrive. To start, please place the items on the back tables. Be sure to label all non-disposable bakeware etc. with your family name so that we can get all back to the right people.  If the items you bring are truly nut free or gluten free please label them.  We will place these items in a special spot. We will be organizing and pricing the items during set-up. If you will be helping out meet us in the school hall at betwen 9:45 and 10:00 for set up—or anytime between 9:45 and 1:00.   Thank you all in advance for both the baked good and assistance! If you signed up to help out I be sending out a confirmation email. If you would like to just show up to help between 9:45 and 1:00 you are all welcome! This is always such a fun event—

Talent Show on Friday, May 18th!

We are pleased to share another wonderful talent show with the HRS community!  We have many students who are sharing their diverse talents with us.  The first act will begin at 9:30 with the Holy Rosary band and continue with our Kindergarten through 4th grade performers.  Our second act will begin at 1:15 with all of our 5th-8th grade performers.  The 8th graders will conclude our show with their annual 8th grade dance.  This might be a bit earlier than normal, so make sure to arrive a bit early if you are an 8th grade parent.
The theme this year is Beach Vacation.  All HRS students can wear free dress in this theme.  Flip flops are okay today.  This theme is guaranteed to make you excited for the summer!

ZZ1B546369Flat Stanley Journals: The Journals are due next Tuesday, May 22nd. Be sure that the entries are checked over carefully and edited before they are turned in. The students should read each entry aloud–and do as much editing on their own as they can.  If you need me to print any pictures, feel free to send them to me.

Spelling: There will not be a spelling test this week  but the words for a test that will take place next Thursday the 24th will come home with the students Monday.  Lesson 23 List

Social Studies: Look for corrected the corrected mountain and rivers test in your child’s filer. The next test will be on Washington cities.  Study sheets for this test will come home next Monday the 21st.  If students want to get a head start on practice they can start with the online practice site for the cities  Yakima did not get included on the online test, but it will be on the study sheet.  This test will take place Monday, June 4th.

Science: The students are doing so well installing the insulation in their solar ovens! I am so impressed with their creativity. We are going to take an extra day on Monday to finish up all insulation. Then we will be ready to test. Due to the bake sale on Thursday 4A will test their solar ovens next Monday. Keep praying for sun!

Math:  The students will be taking the math portion of the MAP test on Tuesday and Wednesday this week.  The students worked hard on the reading portion of their test last week.  Our class work will continue to focus on fractions and decimals.

untitledMystery Book:  All students should be reading their mystery books nightly.  Books should close to be completed if not completed already. They have the option of doing some extra credit work with their book if they choose. Everyone is required to do a “book talk” in front of the class as described on direction sheet.  I will be reviewing the expectations this week in class. 


  • Math homework Monday 
  • Bake sale goodies to school on Thursday morning
  • Spelling test for Lesson 23 next Thursday May 24th
  • Flat Stanley due next Tuesday May 22nd

 Have an excellent week everyone!