Week of May 29-June 2nd

Dear 4A Families,

Happy last days of May and start of June.  I hope you all enjoyed the Memorial Day Holiday weekend. Field Day was great fun on Friday. I have included a few more pictures at the bottom of the page.  If you ordered a class picture, you should have found it in your child’s filer.

Language Arts:   The students will be finishing up their final entry in their Flat Stanley journal and sharing highlights of their journals with the class.  We will also be typing out and putting together our personal quote project posters. Thank you for your assistance with the quotes. 

Spelling: We will have a spelling test this Friday.  The June 2nd spelling words can be found here and were also passed out to the students last Thursday.  The words on this test are all compound words.

Reading: Students read chapter 9  in The Mixed-up Files of Mrs. Basil E. Frankweiler. Our target comprehension skills are: summarizing and retelling. Students build comprehension through discussion techniques that center on using text evidence to support their inferences.  

Math: On Tuesday, we review our chapter on decimals. Tuesday HW is also a test review.  Thank you for going over the HW with your children. We will take the chapter test on Wednesday which will follow the same format as the Monday night HW.  We will then move into work with measurement. 

Social Studies:. Look for corrected Washington Map tests in your child’s filer on Tuesday.  In class the students will continue learning and take some open note assessments on the Denny Party and Mother Joseph.  Then we will dive into the early years of the city of Seattle.

Science: The next lesson we will be focusing on is Energy Transfer and Engineering. In this lesson, students construct an explanation of how energy is stored, released, and transferred in chain reactions, such as falling dominoes. In the activity, Build a Chain Reaction (Part I), students are presented with an engineering design challenge to create their own chain reaction machine–a project they will continue in Lesson 5. 

Religion: Students finish up booklets and review the 8 Beatitudes. We will take an open-book test on the chapter this Friday.

Here’s to a great week ahead!

Thank you for helping keep your children organized and focused these last weeks of school.