Week of May 3-7

Dear 4A Families,

I hope you all had a nice weekend.  Happy May!  

Google Classroom Access: Some of our upcoming reading and social studies tests will be taken on Google Classroom. It is important that all students can access Google Classroom from their iPads. If they have been logged off and do not know their password, this will need to be resolved. Thank you for checking this with your child, and making sure they know both their Google email and password. 

Oral Biography Presentations:  We will be starting our Oral Biography presentations this week.  We are looking forward to Alec, Jesse and Leo’s presentations on Wednesday and Thursday.  The rest of the class will present next week.  This week will have some time in class on Monday and Tuesday to work on the presentations. These will be the final class work times for this project.  Let us know if you have any questions or need anything for the project.  You will get a separate email on Monday with Zoom login information and times if you would like to watch your children present! 

Math: This week is our Chapter 9 test. The focus is on using operations with fractions. Students have been working hard to understand and manipulate fractions. There will be homework on Monday and Wednesday nights. It is still important to keep up with daily multiplication and division fact practice. Want an extra challenge? Time your child on converting mixed numbers to improper fractions and vice versa. This will sharpen their fractions skills and help them be ready for fifth grade concepts!

Science: We are continuing with our sound unit this week by exploring pitch and soundwaves. Students will get an understanding of different sounds and how each pitch changes how the soundwave looks. Students will also explore an amazing tool called an oscilloscope. 

Reading: This  week, we will continue reading From the Mixed Up Files of Mrs. Basil E. Frankweiler. The students have been fascinated by Claudia and Jamie’s story so far. We will continue our focus on comprehension and vocabulary. We’ll be practicing our complete responses to longer questions about the book. In addition, students will have opportunities to talk about the story as if they were in a book club. They will use conversation stems such as I agree with what you said about…, To add on to what you said…,  and Why did you think that?

Spelling: Our next spelling test will be May 13th. We will begin practicing for the test this week, but I wanted to give the students a bit of extra time before the test because they are also working on their Oral Biographies.  The words on the test are all contractions.  Students need to know what each contraction means and be able to use them correctly in sentences.  

Social Studies: We are wrapping up our work on the regions Monday, and we will begin to focus on our local WA and Seattle history, starting with the Denny Party landing on Alki Beach! The students do have a final WA map test to study for. It is a feature map that includes major mountain ranges, peaks, lakes, rivers and a few cities. All students have a study sheet in their filer, with a blank side so they can review. Thank you for assisting your children with practice, quizzing them regularly. There is also an online practice site the students can access on our webpage. The test will be May 26th.

Religion:  This week we will begin our study of the eight Beatitudes. The Beatitudes teach us what we need to do to be truly happy. They guide us in the ways we can live the Great Commandment and love one another. The third grade classes will be leading the May Crowning during Mass this Wednesday. The next Mass 4A will attend in person will be on Wednesday, May 26th. Be on the lookout for:  Hey moms, be on the lookout for a little mother’s day surprise from your child on Thursday. If they forget, you might want to remind them!

Be on the lookout for a special project the students will bring home on Thursday for Mother’s Day.

 Wishing all of the wonderful 4A moms a very special day!