Week of May 30th

Dear 4A Families,

Happy June on Wednesday everyone.  I hope you all enjoyed the Memorial Day Holiday weekend. Field Day was great fun on Friday.  So nice to have another tradition return. Only two weeks left! Let’s do our best to keep the momentum going and have a strong finish to our academic year.  

Next week, on Wednesday, June 8th, we will be taking our end of the year field trip to Alki Beach.  All students will bring a sack lunch this day.  I will be contacting all parents that signed up to drive/chaperone later this week with details.  Thank you—and pray for sun!  If you have not filled out the blue permission slip for this trip please do so right away.


Book Fair: The Book Fair is bak and begins Tuesday, May 31st.  Click on link for details.  This is a great opportunity to for students to stock up on some great summer reading options!

Language Arts:   The students will be adding pictures and decorating their Flat Stanley Journals this week, along with doing a self-reflection on the project as part of their final grade.  Be sure to send in any pictures that you might still have at home.  Thank you!

The students will be creating a Personal Quote Project this week as a wrap up to our year-long focus on inspiring people (including inspiring quotes). All students should have a yellow direction paper in their filer where they will write their quote. The students will select an inspiring quote from the person they did their oral biography on, then they will compose their own quote. These quotes should focus on positive, inspirational or motivational messages that the students truly believe in. It can be helpful to select a value or theme that is important to them such as: kindness, forgiveness, hard work, perseverance, honesty, generosity, etc. is ok to get inspiration from other quotes, but the final product should be original. No copying quotes from the internet. We would appreciate you taking time to talk to your child and support them in coming up with a well-worded quote (including correct spelling and punctuation).  The quotes should be brought back to school no later than Thursday, June 2nd, so we can type them up in the lab.  Thank you!

Spelling: No assignment or test this week

Reading: Inspired by the 6th grade wax museum performances last week, our fourth graders will read the myth, Hercules’ Quest & the folktale, Zomo’s Friends. Our target comprehension skill is: story structure. Students identify theme and character traits. Students work with Greek roots as we match the meaning of various Greek roots to symbols. We learn about allusion as a literary technique. Allusion is a reference to a famous person, place or event. Because myths are familiar and powerful, people often make allusions to mythological characters in their writing and even in their everyday conversations. We review adages and proverbs and use them to help us understand ‘theme.’

Math: The 4th graders will finish up the math portion of the MAP test on Tuesday and take the 5th grade math placement test on Wednesday. The results of these two tests along with their math progress in math all year are all used to determine math placements for 5th grade.  In class we will be doing some work with measurement and geometry along with review work.

Social Studies:. The final topics we are covering these last two weeks include the Great Seattle Fire and the Klondike Gold Rush. So much interesting history!

Science: Students experiment with balloons to understand static electricity in order to understand how like charges repel and opposite charges attract.

Religion: Students continue to review the 8 beatitudes and take an open-book test on the chapter this Friday.

Here’s to a great week ahead!