Week of November 14th

zz0b538cabDear 4A Families,

I hope you all enjoyed the Veterans Day Weekend.  Our class prayer service on Friday to honor the veterans on the flags the students made was very special.  Our trip to Pike Place Market last Tuesday was also very special! The weather could not have been better. The students learned a lot about the Market and had a great time.  Thank you to all of our parent chaperones.

untitled2.jpgConferences: We are very busy finishing up projects to prepare for the conferences next week. Your child will be making introductions at the door, leading us in prayer, sharing their goals and some of their work.   I look forward to meeting with you all as we discuss your child’s progress and goals. Last week I sent home a green sheet of paper for you to fill out prior to conferences. Please turn in these sheets by this Friday. Thank you!

zz213bb334Music: Recorder and Christmas Program information from Ms. Mudge.Students should be working on pages 6 & 7 in their recorder books. They can go onto www.joytunes.com/express and practice these songs on this website game.  They can work ahead!  Practice begins on the Christmas Program songs: “What Star is This” (Charles Coffin, Journeysongs) and “One KIng” (Point of Grace).  Both songs can be found on www.youtube.com, versions as mentioned. Lyrics sheets will be given out in class and can be found on the 4th Grade webpage.  Thank you! Ms. Mudge

Spanish: All students have a study packet in their filer to review for a December 1st test.

Religion: The Corporal Works of Mercy memorization test will take place this Friday the 18th. For the test the students need to be able to write each Work of Mercy with correct punctuation (capitals and periods). The order does not have to be exact. Students will earn extra credit in spelling if they corrected spell all of the words. To support a better understanding of the Works of Mercy the students have an assignment to complete at home in preparation for a writing activity they will complete at school.  Look for a hard copy of directions for the Cool School News Homework in your child’s filer.  Similar to the saint report homework (but less work) the students (with your help) will think of a family member or friend they know that lives one or more of the Works of Mercy in their life.  This could be a person that regularly volunteers at a homeless shelter or food bank.  It could be a person that visits those unable to get out of their homes, or those in the hospital.  In the past the “news reports” the students complete using their notes are quite inspirational.  As with the saint report, we ask that the students do not write a story at home, but like a reporter, they just take notes that they will compile into news reports when they get back to the office (classroom). :-). These notes are due no later than Tuesday, November 29th.  Students are welcome to turn in their notes before the Thanksgiving break if they are finished.  Thank you for your assistance on this activity.

Fr. Oakland will be visiting the classroom this Thursday to visit with the 4A students.  His topic will be reconciliation, in preparation for the December reconciliation services.

Thanksgiving Mass: We will celebrate our all-school Thanksgiving Mass this Friday the 18th at 8:45. Students should be in perfect uniform for Mass. Please join us if you are able.

untitled Reading:  The Charlotte’s Web sentences assignment that was sent home last Monday is due this Tuesday the 15th.  On Tuesday the students will bring home a large paper and directions for the Charlotte’s Web Quote Poster project. Quote Posters due on or before Dec. 8th: As we’ve read Charlotte’s Web, we’ve practiced selecting and writing down various quotes. The students are learning to choose quotes that have significant meaning or provide insight into the characters. As they work through this project at home, they can use books we will send home. The children have been given older, used books, but nonetheless, we’d like them returned once the project is finished. Also, students may use their Charlotte’s Web folders to reference quotes that they recorded earlier. We can send these folders home on weekends, but need them here each day in class.

Math: Look for math homework most nights this week. Our focus will be on multiplication and division for the coming weeks which will include an understanding of factors, prime numbers, and problem solving with multiple steps. I am so proud of the effort the students have been putting into learning their math facts. Until facts are mastered for accurate recall, nightly focused practice is expected.  Your child may have brought home a set of flash cards last week based on the results of the assessment I mentioned last week. Please use these as an additional practice method along with XtraMath. Thank you.

Science: On Monday, we will finish up our solar oven unit and we will continue the discussion on energy, specific types of energy, and the practical sources of energy. We will also be doing an activity that gets the students up moving around and searching for energy sources around them.

untitledSocial Studies: The Midwest State test will take place Tuesday, November 29th.  On Tuesday you will also find a new study sheet for the combination NE/SE/Midwest States in your child’s filer. This test will take place on Tuesday, December 13th. This test is a review of the tests we have taken so far that will also include the Great Lakes and several other features. The Western States and the 50 State test will take place in early January.

Homework:  Students should keep up with regular study sessions of the assigned activities.  During the Thanksgiving break students should continue to read regularly and review math facts!  A week with no practice can be a big set back on progress.  Thank you!

I look forward to seeing you next week during conferences.

I also want to wish you all a very Happy Thanksgiving!

I am so thankful for all of my 4th grade families!

Wishing you a blessed holiday full of joy!