Week of November 9th

untitledDear 4A Families,

Happy Monday everyone. I hope you all enjoyed your weekend. This week will be a bit different as we have Wednesday off for Veterans Day. On Tuesday will be having our class prayer service using the flags the students have been making. Please remember to have your child bring his/her flag on Monday the 9th. This will be a special way to honor some very special Veterans in our lives.

Tuesday is also a Mass day so students should be in perfect uniform. Fr. Oakland will be leading the Mass at 2:00.

Conferences: Parent/Student/Teacher conferences are fast approaching.  If you have not already done so be sure to sign up for your conference on Sign Up Genius.  You will find a green Conference Concerns sheet in your child’s filer that will help me prepare for your child’s conference.  Please return these sheets by next Wednesday the 18th.  Thank you.

 Spelling: Spelling lists for lesson 7 were sent home last Friday. Along with the spelling test the students also have a vocabulary assignment (also in filer) with words from our most recent chapters in Charlotte’s Web. Students will be writing original sentences that show the meaning of the word. The sentences should not be definitions however. Here are examples for the word trough. (Wrong way) A trough is a feed bin for animals. This example is a definition, not an original sentence. (Right Way) Wilbur eagerly ate his warm slops out of the trough three times a day.

Religion: Work continues on the Corporal Works of Mercy. Fr. Oakland will be visiting the class on Thursday to talk on this subject as well. Today the students will be bringing home an assignment called Cool School News to complete with a parent that will prepare them to write a short “news report” at school. The directions can also be accessed here. Please return this completed prep sheet on or before November 16th.

The spelling test for next Friday, November 20th will combine the spelling and memorization of the Corporal Works of Mercy.  Study sheets for this test will be in your child’s filer this week and can also be accessed under the “Religion” tab above under “content”

Reading: As mentioned above, this week the students will be composing sentences for nine of the vocabulary words we have been studying in chapters 5-10.  Students should also be focusing on the definitions and parts of speech as these words will be part of a larger vocabulary test at the end of the unit.  This week Charlotte’s plan to save Wilbur is revealed.

Math: On Monday we will be reviewing for the chapter 2 math test.  We will do a practice test in class and the Monday homework will also be a review for the test.  As we move forward our focus will be on multiplication of larger numbers, then division.  Thank you for keeping up on review of the facts for speed recall.

Science: We will continue our introduction to the ideas of energy, specific types of energy, and the practical sources of energy. We will also be doing an activity that gets the students up moving around and searching for energy sources around them.

untitledSocial Studies/LA: Be sure to check your child’s filer for corrected NE/SE tests. They did quite well! The students will receive study sheets this week to review the Midwest States for an upcoming test on Wednesday the 18th. Most of our Social Studies work this week and next will be dedicated to Pike Place Market prep and follow-up as related to our Washington State history. This will include some writing.

November Service Projects: 

Lunches of Love: Last week the students decorated a lunch bag and brought home a list of suggested items for a lunch of love.  Lunches can be brought in any day in November.  Thank you!

Thank you also for sending in donations for the Pike Place Market Food Bank. You can bring donations to the classroom any day up to the 17th—the day of our field trip. Thank you!



Have a wonderful week and enjoy Veterans Day on Wednesday.