Week of October 27th

untitledDear 4A Families,

Happy last week of October. The month has sure flown by!  I am so proud of the hard work and focus the students have been putting into so many days of testing! We are almost finished, just one test Monday and one test Tuesday—Yeah!

The big day is this Friday, October 31st, for the All Saints Day Mass!

Students should come to school dressed as their saint—be sure to be right on time as we will head over to church a bit early to get set up.

You will find a “Reserved for Saint……..” in each pew. If you are able to come to the Mass, look for your child’s reserved sign and sit in the pew with them. Please do not take pictures before or during the service. We will remain in the church following the service for pictures. If it is not raining we will go outside for pictures on the steps. Also, please leave the “Reserved for” signs in the Church as we will need them on Sunday. Thank you.

If the saints would like to come up to the room a bit early—8:10 on Friday—that would be okay, especially if it is raining. Thank you for all your help in preparing your little saint.

untitledWe are also looking forward to our Halloween Party this Friday from 1:15-2:15.  Thank you to our room mom Heather Slee and all those that will be helping out in any way!

untitledSunday, November 2nd at the 10:30 am Mass the 4th graders have been requested for a repeat performance for the wider community. Last Thursday a yellow notice was sent home. If you have not yet returned this notice, please do so by tomorrow—Tuesday. It is very important that we have an accurate accounting of which students will be attending as we need to make adjustments and preparations for the Sunday Mass this Friday! This includes some additional practice time. Thank you for doing your best to attend this Mass if possible.

Veteran’s Day HW Project: Next Monday the 4th the students will be brining home a flag for a Veterans Day homework assignment. Each student will be asked to write about a Veteran (family member or friend) on this flag. You can be talking with your child a bit about this person in preparation for the activity. If you do not know a Veteran to write about I can direct you to a website where you can research Veterans to write about.

Religion: Our religion studies will be focused on the Corporal Works of Mercy. As we move into the Season of Advent in just a few weeks, it is the perfect time to learn about the actions we are called to take throughout our lives to help those less fortunate. We will also be incorporating our Steps to Respect lessons into both our religion and language arts lessons for the weeks ahead.

Math: Our focus in math is multiplication and division. Now is the time to dedicate focused, daily practice in order to master the facts for automatic recall. I know I sound like a broken record on this, but it is that important! Thank you all.

Reading/LA: We are continuing our journey through Charlotte’s Web. The students will be writing Postcards from the Barn as a follow-up to our reading.

Reading Logs: November reading logs will be sent home next Monday the 4th. All students will need to turn in their October reading logs with a parent signature no later than next Monday the 4th. Any day this week is fine. Both sides of the reading log should be filled in. Thank you!

Spelling: Because of the very busy week, which includes testing, All Saint’s Day Mass and Halloween there will be no spelling test again this week.

Social Studies: Look for corrected SE State tests in your child’s filer. This Thursday the 30th, the students will be tested on both the NE and SE tests. This should not be too hard as it is just a review of the last two tests we have taken. Students will need to know the states without a list this time however. Study sheets were passed out last Friday and are in your child’s filer.

Language Arts: The students will be completing their Saint Reports this week. They will then be doing some creative Halloween writing.

Homework:  No spelling test.  NE/SE combination test will take place this Thursday.  Students need to be able to recite the Prayer of St. Francis by Wednesday the 29th.  There will be math homework on Tuesday.  Students should continue to visit the Xtramath site or do some other type of multiplication practice at least three times this week.

Be sure to check your child’s filer for corrected tests and other papers.  These should be removed from filers.  

Have a wonderful week and thank you for all you do!