Week of September 20th

Dear 4A Families,

Happy Fall! The past few weeks have been full of learning and hard work. I am so impressed with the students’ perseverance and independence. Let’s keep the positive momentum going!

Fall MAP Testing: This week, we will begin MAP testing in the area of reading. This testing gives teachers valuable information regarding your child’s progress in reading, math, and language arts. Please take a moment to remind your child about the importance of doing their best to show what they know. As always, please make sure your child gets a good night’s sleep and eats a healthy breakfast in the morning. Thank you for your support during this important testing. 

Bible Blessing:  The 4th grade Bibles will be blessed at Mass this Wednesday, 9/22 at 8:45.  The students will be attending Mass in person. Be sure they come in perfect uniform and are in the classroom by 8:35 at the latest so we can get over to church on time.  Thank you!

Headphones: Please make sure your child has headphones that that can be kept at school. We will be using the iPads in class, and having headphones will help students stay focused and they are needed for many activities the students complete with their iPads. Thank you!

Math/Reading Challenge Celebration…Day of the Doughnuts!! Thank you to all of the students who completed the math and/or reading challenges! Students who participated will be celebrating with a small gathering in the school hall this Friday.

Magazine Drive: Our magazine sale kicked off last week. Thank you all for your generous support. This year’s theme is “GATOR STRONG: Rooted in Community”. See the eFC for complete registration information.

Spelling/LAThis week’s spelling words focus on words with short and long ‘a’ sounds.  We will continue to review cursive forms, grammar and punctuation.  We will also work with paragraph composition in preparation for the upcoming saint reports.

Second Step: Our lesson this week will continue with listening with attention and being assertive rather than passive or aggressive.  Our Second Step lesson will review empathy, respect, and kindness throughout the year.

Religion: Our religion this week will focus on some introductory lessons on both our newly blessed Bibles and the Saints.  Students will learn that the Saints are models of faith and that following their example helps us grow in holiness. 

All students will have two copies of the Prayer of St. Francis in their filers on Monday. Students should be practicing the prayer daily at home for memorization. We encourage the students to keep a copy of this prayer by their bed and say it before they go to sleep each night. What a beautiful prayer to end the day with!  We will also say the prayer daily at school. The students should have the prayer memorized no later than October 27th.

Reading: In addition to MAP testing, we are wrapping up our study of Stormalong and tall tales this week. Students will complete a Tall Ship of Tall Tales as a culminating project. Through this project, students are learning all about different kinds of figurative language including: hyperbole, metaphors, similes, alliteration, idioms, and more. 

Science: We are continuing with our PLTW Brain Module! Last week, we did some partner research on the nervous system, the brain, and the spinal cord. Next, we will use clay to model the different parts of the brain and use labels to mark what each of the parts control in your body. Remember, our final project will answer the question: How can we prevent and detect concussions and other brain injuries?

Social Studies: The students did well on the continent and ocean test last week. Look for corrected tests in your child’s filer on Monday.  All students need to recite the continent poem by this Monday the 20th.   Last week the  students were introduced to latitude and longitude.  This week they will learn how to locate places on world and United States maps using latitude/longitude coordinates as well as read population, rainfall and elevation maps.

Math: We will finish up Chapter 1 with an assessment on Tuesday and begin Chapter 2 on Wednesday! Chapter 2 is all about addition and subtraction of large whole numbers. Students are continuing to work on developing good habits in math class and all subjects. Reading carefully and following directions completely are the focus.

We will work through some addition/subtraction fact work in class, with a focus on accuracy and fluency (speed). XtraMath will focus on addition and subtraction this week to get students warmed up for the chapter. It is expected that students do at least one session of Xtramath nightly. Consistency and perseverance with fact practice provides significant positive growth!  Thank you.

Thank you again for your support of the Magazine Sale!  

Have an excellent week everyone!