Week of April 22-26

Dear 4th Grade Families,  

I hope you all had a wonderful weekend.  

Group class pictures will be taken this Tuesday, April 23rd.  Students should come in perfect uniform.  Red Holy Rosary sweatshirts or sweaters included. Thank you!

Oral Biography Presentations:  We will be starting our Oral Biography presentations this week.  We are looking forward to presentations by Meredith, Duke and Thomas on Thursday and Friday.  The remainder of the presentations will take place next Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday.  I will provide some final class times in class on Monday and Tuesday to work on the presentations. These will be the final class work times for this project. Students should bring in any materials they need to use the work times.   Let me know if you have any questions or need anything for the project.  

*Students may wear their costume to school on the day of their presentation, or bring their costume to change into at school prior to their presentation time. If they are presenting on Thursday this week, or Tuesday next week they should come dressed in their costume as they will be presenting first period.  Students can wear their costume all day if they like, or bring their uniform to change into.  

So far three students have turned in Lunches of Love.  We are asking every student to bring in at least one lunch this month. Thank you for your generosity. 

Flat Stanley Journals are due May 16th, with a minimum of three entries completed at home. Thank you for helping your child edit, remembering to include figurative language, great word choice, topic and closing sentences.  The writing in the journal should be final draft quality.  Pictures should be included with the entries.  We will use some class time this week and next to work on our Flat Stanley at school entry.  Students should bring their journals to and from school this week.

Battle of the Books: Congrats to all the 4th graders! The Pickles and the DAE Noodles will be advancing to Round 2 on Monday at lunch.

Spelling:  There will be no spelling test this week to give more time to prepare for the Oral Biographies.  The next spelling test will be May 3rd, but we students will have a copy of the spelling words in their filer on Monday the 22nd

Math: This week the students will be learning to add, subtract mixed numbers and multiply fractions by whole numbers.  We will provide some time in class to get HW started this week to give students more time to focus on their big bio presentations. Thank you for checking over the homework with your child and having them talk to you about operations with fractions. We are also including some review work of previous chapters to help prepare the students for the upcoming Spring MAP Tests.

Reading: This week, students continue reading From the Mixed Up Files of Mrs. Basil E. Frankweiler chapter 5.  We search for clues, discover key examples of figurative language and discuss the many details of the chapters that bring the plot and setting to life. 

Religion:  The Beatitudes—understanding what makes us truly happy in life–will be our religion focus.  The students will learn about each Beatitude and how they apply in our daily lives.

Science: In the first lesson, students learn that we use the energy from food to make our bodies move just like cars use the energy from gasoline to move. In the activity, Twist-o-matic Tester, students build paper models of an amusement park ride called the Twist-o-Matic. The ride stores energy in rubber bands and spins around when the energy is released. Students compare the speed of the spins when they use a thin rubber band versus a thick rubber band.

Social Studies: This week we will be continuing our study of the regions of Washington State—learning all about the special features, occupations, major cities and sites of each region.

Enjoy this last full week of April.