Map Study Sheets


The Midwest State Test will take place Tuesday, December 12th:

Online practice 

Ignore the dates on the PDF’s below,  December 12th is the test date.

Midwest blank

Midwest answers


The NE/SE combo test will be on Thursday, November 21st.

Combination NE/SE online practice

SE blank

SE answers

Online practice for the SE State locations

Abbreviation practice SE States

The combination NE/SE test will take place on Thursday, November 21st.

NE:SE labeled

NE:SE blank

Combination NE/SE online practice



The Northeast State test will take place on Thursday, October 24th.  Below you will find practice/study sheets.

NE States Blank

NE States Answers


The Latitude and Longitude test will take place Thursday, October 17th: 

Students need to be able to label the following terms:

Latitude Longitude Hempisheres

Students will also have two study sheets in their filers before the test that I will also include as PDF’s here after we fill them out in class.

There will be a test on the 7 Continents and 5 Oceans on Tuesday September 24th. Students will also need to be able to recite the Continent Poem by heart.

Study sheet for Continents and Oceanscontinents and ocean map

Blank Map with labels: Blank Continent & Ocean map

The Continent Poem: Seven Continents