Flat Stanley



Flat Stanley Project Directions: Flat Stanley Project 2022_

Rough Draft paper to print: Rough draft paper

Final Draft paper to print: Final Draft paper

Paragraph format and Figurative Language Samples:Paragraph format and Figurative Language for journal

Ideas to improve your word choice!

You are required to include at least one example of figurative language in each entry.  Similes, metaphors, idioms, personification and hyperbole are examples of the types of figurative language that can be used.

Students should also use a variety of interesting descriptive words in their entries, avoid repetition of words such as fun, cool, stuff….

Use these lists to get a variety of interesting adjectives and adverbs.

Awesome adjectives list

Awesome adjective list 2

Adverb list

Adverb list 2

Check out this fun video of Flat Stanley touring Seattle.  Fun idea for possible video extra?  Flat Stanley in Seattle