Holy Week 2024

Dear 4A Families,

Holy Week has arrived. Much of our focus this week will be related to Holy Week events and study.  To help with our planning, if you will be missing any days this week due to vacations and have not yet emailed me, please let us know.  Thank you!

Our religion focus this week will be Holy Week.  The students will be using their Bibles and other resources to better understand the important events of this week. We will be going over to the church to walk the Stations and read reflections on Monday. We celebrate Holy Thursday with a special Faith Family prayer service remembering the Last Supper.  Good Friday is a “LOW Tech day” for the entire school.  We will be focusing on activities related to Good Friday and Holy Week as we prepare for Easter.  At 11:00 we will gather in the church for The Living Stations of the Cross. We will be dismissing in silence following both the morning Stations of the Cross and at the end of the day. Thank you for helping support this action of respect as you pick up your children on Friday.  Perfect uniform is required on Wednesday and Friday this week. There is not a free dress for a dollar this week.  Thank you all for your generous donations over the last 4 weeks. 

Language Arts: Students will be writing their final drafts of the first entry in their Flat Stanley Journals.  We will also be taking pictures and gluing them into the journals for this entry.  There is not a spelling test this week. We will send home the words for the April 12th test this Thursday.  All students should be making time for reading, or reading their oral biography books over the break!

Flat Stanley on Spring Break!

The students will all bring home their flat person on Thursday so they can take pictures on the fun outings that happen over the break. Students should take notes of the outings/pictures and maybe even collect brochures or ticket stubs that could be added to the journals later. Students will be offered the opportunity to bring home their journal and start writing a final draft if they choose over the break, but this is not required.  All students will have a direction sheet for the Flat Stanley Journal project in their filers on Monday.  You can also access information and extra journal sheets using this link on the website.

Math: Fraction Action is happening in 4th grade. This week we are working on the simplest form, equivalent fractions, and comparing and ordering fractions. Look for homework each night this week.  

Spelling: There is no spelling test this week.  Spelling words for the week of April 8-12 will be sent home this Thursday.

That should wrap things up this special week.  

Wishing you all a wonderful Easter and spring break.