Week of January 23rd

ZZ3A38905CDear 4A Families,

I hope you all had a good weekend. We have a busy week ahead getting ready for Catholic Schools Week which begins this coming Sunday.

Important Reminders:

Please complete your re-enrollment online submission by January 31st!  The class who re-enrolls all its students first receives a morning Doughnut party.  A free dress pass will go home by Tuesday to students who were re-enrolled by Jan. 20th.
ZZ59012A3DOur room moms have set a time for the pictures to be taken for the auction recipe book. Pictures will be taken between 1 – 3 this Thursday January 26th.  Students should come in uniform on Thursday, with a red sweater or sweatshirt.  We want everyone in the picture as this will be the cover for the cookbook. Let me know if you have any questions.
Please also wear Perfect Uniform on Friday, January 27th.  We will have a video-production company onsite that will be filming footage of class activities at Holy Rosary to develop into a marketing video.
Last Friday we had a wonderful prayer service to support our Ugandan Mission.  You can check out the video the students saw here.  Thank you for your support of our Ugandan Students! Please send in your dollar this week or next.


Catholic Schools Week Schedule:

  • The Book Fair begins this Wednesday the 25th.
  • If you have not yet turned in your pink permission slip for the Certificate delivery next Tuesday, the 31st—please do so right away. Thank you!
  • Sunday the 29th:  Open House will take place from 11:30-1:30. The Book Fair will be open, along with all of the classrooms. Please plan to attend one of the weekend Masses to help celebrate the start of Catholic School’s Week. Students are asked to wear their uniforms to all Masess on the weekend! Thank you.
  • Monday the 30th:  Students may wear Gator Gear or CYO gear today. Look of some special letters of appreciation for parents today—one in your child’s filer, one in your email. We will also have an All-School Bingo and Read-in for the last hour of the day.
  • Tuesday the 31st:  Community Appreciation/Outreach. The 4th graders will be delivering certificates today from 10:30-12:30. We will plant primroses with our Faith Families in the afternoon. Students should bring in shovels to help plant. Free dress jeans day. 4th graders must bring HR red sweatshirt or sweater to wear for deliveries.
  • Wednesday the 1st:  Grandparent Lunch day. Perfect uniform day. No homework—spend some family time together!
  • Thursday the 2nd: Perfect uniform day. Spelling Bees today. Grades 1-4 at 8:30 and Grades 5-8 at 9:30.
  • Friday the 3rd : Spirit Day! Slumber Party/Pajama Party. Spirit Assembly from 9:30-10:45 we will have the always fun Spirit Assembly with lots of fun games. In the afternoon the crowd pleasing 8th grade vs. teachers volleyball game.
  • Sunday, February 5th : CSW Closing Mass. Students are encouraged to wear Gator Sweatshirts to Mass.

This is just a brief overview. Look for additional information in the next week’s newsletter and the eFC. Most importantly, Catholic Schools Week is an opportunity to celebrate our wonderful school and community!

Reading/Language Arts:

This week the students will read a wonderful historical fiction story called Riding Freedom.  The essential question for this story is “What Traits do Successful People Have?” making it a great compliment to our biography studies.We have several writing tasks happening this week. The students will complete their newspaper articles in the lab, create an art/MLK quote project, and work on some special letters.

Spelling lists were sent out last Friday for Unit 22. The test will be this Friday.  Next week there is not a spelling test, but the students should be reviewing the SLE’s for a test next Friday the 3rd. This pdf says the test is on the 2nd, but it is actually the 3rd. They need to be able to name each and give an example of how they follow each as a 4th grader.  We will be doing activities in class around the SLE’s as well.

ZZ711D18D2Math: The students are working hard with double digit multiplication. Mastering the steps of the algorithm takes practice. It is easy to make small computation mistakes and we want to catch them early! Thank you for carefully checking over your child’s math homework for accuracy, and having them make needed corrections.  Along with our multiplication work, the students will also be using Tangrams to complete puzzles.  There are many benefits to playing with Tangrams. They can be used to develop problem-solving and logical thinking skills, perceptual reasoning (nonverbal thinking skills), visual-spatial awarenesscreativity and many mathematical concepts such as congruency, symmetry, area, perimeter, and geometry.

ZZ7FE26AAFSocial Studies: We are making our way along the trail with Lewis and Clark. Sacagawea joins the Expedition and they make their way into unmapped territory. Our upcoming map work will focus on major rivers and bodies of water in the United States. This site is a great place to get a head start on review.

ScienceScience: This week we will look at alternative sources for electricity. The kids will have an opportunity to try to light a light bulb using an unusual object. On Tuesday they will finish up the web quest on electricity that they started last week.

Religion: Look for corrected Sacrament tests in your child’s filer. We will wrap up our note taking on the Sacraments this week. Keep reviewing the Memorare.

Homework Overview:

  • Look for math homework each night
  • Spelling Unit 22: test on Friday
  • Memorize the 5 SLE topics by Friday, February 3rd
  • Practice song for Grandparents Lunch during Catholic School’s Week.  Students will have a copy in their filer and will continue to practice in music this week, but they will not get any practices next week before the lunch, so a little review next week is helpful. Thank you!

Have a wonderful week everyone!