Week of March 16th

untitledDear 4A Families,

Happy St Patrick’s Day tomorrow and happy spring on Friday. Tuesday we celebrate Mass at 8:45 to honor St. Patrick’s Day and Fr. John! Students may wear green, St. Patrick’s Day themed clothing. No face paint or hair dye. Students will not be allowed to wear hats to Mass, but may wear them afterwards.


It is time to sign up for the annual Bingo Bash with the Teachers! Flyers have been sent home with your child. For those of you whose children have never attended, it’s a very fun night for the kids to spend with their classmates and teachers playing bingo, eating pizza and winning prizes! It is our faculty auction donation and always raises lots of money for our wonderful school. Parents drop the children off at the gym at 6:00 pm on Friday, April. 17th and pick them up at 8:00, so it allows you time to have some fun yourselves while the kids are here at school! Your child will definitely want to be part of the fun 😉 Send all completed forms back with your child or drop them at the office. THANK YOU!!!!
Wednesday Ellen will give the first of our Oral Biography Presentations. I know the students have been working very hard to prepare. These oral biographies are such a wonderful experience for the students, involving a great variety of skills. The students will all be proud of themselves as they complete this challenging and rewarding assignment. Don’t forget to cite sources using the format included with your directions. Sources can be included on a note card or lined paper. Parents, please let the students write these citations themselves. This is a skill they will be using more and more often as they move up the grades. You can assist/support as needed. I would prefer a few little errors on student completed work rather than perfect work typed by a parent. Thank you! Keep in mind that the speeches need to be a minimum of 5 minutes and a maximum of 10. Students always talk faster at school—so it should be a longer than 5 minutes at home to be safe. Please let me know if you have any questions related to the presentation.

Spelling: On Monday I will send the list for Lesson 18. The test however, will not take place until next Friday, March 27th so that students can use the extra time to work on their Oral Biographies.

Religion: All students will need to recite part 2 of the Nicene Creed by Thursday this week at the latest. We will be wrapping up our study of the 10 Commandments this week. There will be an open book test and a fill in the blank test to name the Commandments on Thursday. All students will have a study sheet in their filer.

Reading/LA: This week as a follow up to our story from last week, the students will be reading a special non-fiction selection on horses with several fun follow-up activities that will support their reading and understanding. We will then be reading the original Flat Stanley book. This story will lead into our Flat Stanley journal project that will come home before spring break. All of the details will be included in next week’s newsletter!

untitledMath: We will continue to complete as much math as possible at school this week with less math homework. The students got off to a great start with fractions last week, learning several strategies to find equivalent fractions. This week we will be adding and subtracting fractions. We will continue to review/revisit multiplication and division of larger numbers. And as you know, both multiplication and division fluency are needed for fractions, so continue to review for accuracy and speed.

There is no school on Friday due to a teacher inservice day. We are looking forward to a productive day.

Enjoy the short week everyone—and happy spring!