Week of May 15

ZZ4AC9EA28Dear 4A Families,     

I hope you all enjoyed the Mother’s Day Weekend and Happy Mother’s Day to all of our wonderful 4th grade moms. If you did not receive your special card, please check your child’s filer!

This Wednesday is the big bake sale!

All families are asked to send in some delicious treats to sell on Wednesday. Students can bring their treats into the School Hall in the morning. There will be tables set up when you arrive. To start, please place the items on the back tables. We will be organizing and pricing the items during set-up. If you will be helping out meet us in the school hall at 10:00 for set up—or anytime between 10:00 and 1:00.   Thank you all in advance for both the baked good and assistance! If you signed up to help out I will have sent you a confirmation email. This is always such a fun event—

ZZ1B546369Flat Stanley Journals: We set the original due date for this project before we finalized the Bake Sale. I will accept journals on the 18th and they will not be counted late as I know you have a lot of baking to do on Tuesday night!  Be sure that the entries are checked over carefully and edited before they are turned in.  If you need me to print any pictures, feel free to send them to me.

Tuesday we will be meeting with our Faith Families in the morning and we also have a School Mass at 2:00. This is a perfect uniform day.

Social Studies: Look for corrected the corrected mountain and rivers test in your child’s filer. The next test will be on Washington cities will be next Tuesday the 23rd. All students have a study sheet in their filer. There is also an online practice site for the cities. Yakima did not get included on the online test, but it is on the study sheet.

Science: This week we are finishing up our discussion on the rock cycle and moving on to the different types of soil. We will also tie in the types of soil and rock to building materials. Civil engineers use this information when planning what materials to use for certain jobs.

Math: As we finish up the year our math topics will include work with decimal fractions, geometry and measurement. We will also be doing some review of skills to help the students prepare for a math final that will take place May 31 or June 1. Students should keep up with their math fact practice!!

Spelling: There is a spelling test this week on compound words Unit 34 The spelling list was sent home last Friday. Our spelling book has the word baby sitter as two words, but it is more commonly one word: babysitter. I will accept both forms. The other words on the list need to be correctly learned and spelled as open or closed compound words.

untitledMystery Book:  All students should be reading their mystery books nightly.  They have the option of doing some extra credit work with their book if they choose.  We will be doing a couple of projects both this week and next in class.  I would like students to have their mystery books in their backpacks each day so they have the book at school when we do our projects.  


  • Math homework Monday and Thursday.
  • Bake sale goodies to school on Wednesday morning
  • Spelling test on Friday
  • Flat Stanley due Wednesday or Thursday
  • Washington City test on May 23rd

 Have an excellent week everyone!