Week of May 1st

ZZ3E429361Dear 4A Families,

I hope you all enjoyed the last weekend of April! May is here—and it will be a busy and exciting month in 4th grade.

ZZ47FFC128May Crowning: On Tuesday we will have Mass at 8:45.  We will be honoring Mary at the May Crowning.  If each student could bring in one flower on Tuesday to add to a vase of flowers we will bring forward during the Mass that would be wonderful. Students should be in perfect uniform.  Join us if you are able.

I have enjoyed reading the Flat Stanley journals that came in last week for a pre-check. It was exciting to see the creativity, quality word choice and paragraph structure that the students are using. I reminded the students last week that these journals should show their very best writing—quality and effort. This does require writing rough drafts.  Refer to the directions on the link above and let me know if you have any questions.  If you need me to run off any pictures on the color printer at school I am happy to do that.


  • All entries need to have a clear topic sentence and a minimum of three to five supporting details (sentences) as well as a strong conclusion.
  • Every entry needs to use figurative language (simile, metaphor, hyperbole, etc.)
  • Spelling and punctuation should be accurate.
  • Titles should be capitalized on both the entry page and the table of contents.
  • Every entry needs a picture. If you do not have a picture with the Flat Person that is ok. You can include ticket stubs, drawing, brochures or just a picture of the place or theme you can get online.

ZZ5D995EC2Remember, our 4th Grade Bake Sale takes place on Wednesday, May 17th. Our bake sale cannot take place without our wonderful parent volunteers to assist with set-up, monitoring/helping students with service and sales and clean up. Volunteers are needed between 10:00-1:00. Please email me if you are able to assist. Thank you!

Look for permission slips for our final field trip of the year to the Underground Tour and Alki Beach in your child’s filer. Please return the permission slips by Friday. Thank you.

Spelling words for Unit 26 were sent out last Friday. The test will be this Friday as usual.

ZZ519507B5Mystery Book: All students should have a mystery book selected and approved by Tuesday. I would like students to bring their mystery book to and from school so that they can do some reading at school. We will also be doing some class activities related to the mystery books in which they will need their books. Let’s plan to keep them in backpacks! Thank you. I will be going over directions for the mystery book reports on Monday.  Most of the work will be completed at school other than reading the book. 🙂

Science: Last week we began our new unit on minerals, rocks, and soil. We looked at what a mineral is and different types of minerals. This week we will be performing an experiment growing our own crystals. Then we will look at the three different types of rocks and how they are formed.

Social Studies: Washington Mountain and River Test: The test will take place next Tuesday May 9th. All students have a study sheet with one blank side to help with review. There is also an online site to review for this test. There will be a word bank for the test.

Math: This week we will focus on subtraction and multiplication of fractions. Look for math homework most nights.

ZZ2A41310CReligion: We will be moving into units on Catholic Social Teaching the Fruits and Gifts of the Holy Spirit. We will tie in studies with our Steps to Respect lessons as well as our upcoming bake sale. We have decided to direct our bake sale proceeds to Catholic Relief Services. We will direct our donation to those affected by the famine in East Africa. According to the UN, this may be the biggest humanitarian crisis facing the world since 1945.

I failed to pass out a whole pile of corrected work last week, so be sure to check your child’s filer for corrected work/tests in reading, math, religion, and spelling in your child’s filer on Monday.

untitledHave a great first week of May everyone and Happy Cinco de Mayo on Friday!