Happy New Year

ZZ2EF1AD63Dear 4A Families,

Welcome Back.

I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas holiday and that you are ready to jump into the New Year 2016! We have some amazing learning adventures ahead.

On Monday we will spend some time sharing about our holiday breaks and considering some New Year’s Resolutions, especially those that apply to our studies and relationships at school. We will review our school’s Student Learning Expectations (SLE’s) as well as classroom and school rules.   Reviewing routines and procedures will help us start the year off right.

Religion: 4A will be leading the prayer service this Friday. The major theme will be Epiphany. Parts will be selected on Monday. The prayer service begins at 8:30. Please join us if you are able.  Much of our religion time will be focusing on this prayer service.  We will be focusing on the Sacraments in coming lessons.

Reading/Language Arts:

Look for corrected Charlotte’s Web final tests and activites in your child’s filer later this week. We are moving back into our text book this week as we begin a mini unit on Martin Luther King, Jr. and the Civil Rights Movement.

The students will begin work on an informational writing piece related to an event in 2015 from the Seattle area. More information to come on this which will include some home research on your child’s topic choice. Students may need to finish up a New Years assignment at home if not completed at school.

Spelling words this week are calendar words. At the bottom of the spelling list you will find the Holy Rosary SLEs (Student Learning Expectations). We will be reviewing these expectations in class and the students will need to be able to write and correctly spell these expectations for a test on January 15th.

Math: We will be finishing up chapter 4 in math this week.  Look for math homework nightly. The test will most likely take place next Tuesday the 12th. We will review in class on Monday, and the Monday math homework will be a test review. This is a required homework sheet that needs to be turned in on Tuesday. we will move on to Chapter 5 which is multiplication by two and three-digit numbers (the number on the bottom). Having the multiplication facts mastered remains a priority!

ZZ7FE26AAFSocial Studies: The students will be tested on the Western States on Wednesday the 13th. This might be a slight date change. The 50 State test will be January 26th. Our class work will focus on the Lewis and Clark Expedition. This week we will learn about the Louisiana Purchase and some background on President Jefferson, Lewis and Clark.

Science: We will continue looking at electrical energy and how a battery works in a simple circuit. Also, we will be discussing how chemical energy changes to electrical energy.

Don’t forget the $1.00 on one for Uganda. Thank you for your support of our Ugandan friends.

Have a great first week of 2016!