Holy Week 2023

Dear 4A Families,

Holy Week has arrived. Much of our focus this week will be related to Holy Week events and study.  To help with our planning if you will be missing any days this week due to vacations would you please let us know.  Thank you!

Lunches of Love.  The 4th grade classes are scheduled to bring in Lunches of Love during the month of April. The students will come home this week with one decorated bag and a list of suggested items for the Lunches of Love.  Reminder, Lunches of Love need to be non-perishable. We encourage students to help with the shopping for the items in the lunches as well as write a little note of encouragement to put inside the lunches along with a little decoration on the bags.

Our religion focus this week will be Holy Week.  The students will be using their Bibles and other resources to better understand the important events of this week. We will be going over to the church to walk the Stations and read reflections on each as part of one reading class this week. We will celebrate Holy Thursday with a special Faith Family prayer service.  Good Friday is a “LOW Tech day” for the entire school.  We will be focusing on activities related to Good Friday and Holy Week as we prepare for Easter.  At 11:00 we will gather in the church for The Living Stations of the Cross. We will be dismissing in silence following both the morning Stations of the Cross and at the end of the day. Thank you for helping support this action of respect as you pick up your children on Friday.  Perfect uniform is required on Wednesday and Friday this week.

Language Arts: We will review and discuss ideas for the ‘brilliant beginning’ for their “Big Bio” presentation. Students should bring in their oral biography materials on Monday this week including their notecards and sticky notes, along with their biography books. We will give time this week for students to read, take notes and work on their first note cards. Please use this link to sign up for a day/time for your child to present.

Sign Up for an Oral Biography Presentation Time!

Use this link to sign up for a day/time your child will present.  Parents are welcome to come observe the presentations as long as your safe environment requirements are all up to date.  Let me know if you have any challenges with the Google Doc—something usually goes wrong it seems!  Thank you

Flat Stanley: This week, we will continue to work on the first two entries (rough and final draft)here at school. Students are asked to complete at least two-three more entries at home by May 16th.  They will bring home additional rough and final draft paper with their Flat Stanley Journals on Wednesday or Thursday.  Be sure Flat Stanley comes along on your Spring Break adventures!  It might be a vacation, a trip to Costco, a haircut, dinner out, bike ride….be creative!

Math: We are reviewing mixed numbers and improper fractions, along with the chapter 8 review on Monday and Tuesday.  Tuesday math HW will be a practice/review test and we will have the chapter tests on Wednesday and Thursday. Thank you for checking your child’s work with them. There will be no math HW Wednesday and Thursday this week. Please use the extra time to work on the oral biography project. 

Spelling: There is no spelling test this week.  The words for the week of April 17-21 will be sent home on Thursday.

Science: We will be starting the last Unit Energizing Everything! The first lesson Speed and Energy focuses on how a car is similar to a human body. Students learn that we use the energy from food to make our bodies move just like cars use the energy from gasoline to move. In the activity, Twist-o-matic Tester, students build paper models of an amusement park ride called the Twist-o-Matic. The ride stores energy in rubber bands and spins around when the energy is released. Students compare the speed of the spins when they use a thin rubber band versus a thick rubber band. 

Social Studies: We are focusing on Washington State regions and State Symbols this week. 

That should wrap things up this week.  

Wishing you all a wonderful Easter and spring break.