Learning At Home Tuesday, March 31st

Dear 4A Families,

Happy Tuesday and last day of March.  March seems to be going out like a lion instead of a lamb this year!  Almost everyone is signed up for Seesaw.  I am working through the assignments, but it takes longer than you would think to get through them.  Here are the items that should be turned in:

  • Ten Commandment test
  • Green Fraction Review side 1
  • Math homework for lessons 5 and 6.  Students do not need to turn in all the practice pages.
  • Any optional writing or art the students would like to share.
  • New! I know the students have been working on the Memorare.  Here is the plan to show they have learned the prayer…Have mom or dad take a video of you with the Seesaw app reciting the prayer from memory and submit your video prayer for me to check.  You have until April 30th to submit, so you have plenty of time. A few students said the prayer to me before school was closed.  Those students can do a video if they like, or skip this.  I left my list of who presented at school, but I will go get that later this week.

When students take pictures of their work they should center the iPad camera above the work (bird’s eye view) and get as close as possible without cutting out any work.  Thank you!

The Administration and Teachers have developed guidelines for being good digital citizens. Please read over them with your children.  Thank you so much!

Remember to let me know if you have any questions about the Oral Biographies. We will have a Zoom meeting on Wednesday to talk about the presentations.

Tuesday Video from Ms. Simpson:Tues 31st Video

PDF Check-off list for Tuesday: Tuesday PDF Check-off

What to do!

Start your day by praying the Our Father with Sra. Brodahl.

Sra. Brodahl  Padre Nuestro Our Father prayer 

Language Arts 

This week you will be working on your Oral Biography and preparing to present the week of April 6-9.

Things to know:

  • You will be sharing your presentation on Zoom so that your classmates can see you.

  • We would also like your parents to record your presentation separately without Zoom so we have a backup and higher quality version as a back-up.  This should be sent to your teacher.

  • Part of your requirement is to also watch your classmates present. You are expected to write at least 2-3 compliments and send them via chat during the Zoom presentation. We will also call on a few students to give their comments orally after each presentation.

  • Be sure to include your props.  You may have to make some adjustments because you will be filming from home. Don’t worry if you cannot get the kind of props you hoped for.  Be creative, use things around the house, draw pictures. etc.

  • When you complete your presentation you will fill out the gold “Biography Presentation Reflection” sheet that was in the folder you picked up from school last week.

  • You will send your completed Self Reflection and bibliography on the Seesaw app.

  • We will have a Zoom meeting on Wednesday to give you a chance to ask questions about the presentations.


Reading Lessons: Daily 4th grade reading lessons are found on Ms. Corrigan’s reading webpage. https://reading.holyrosaryws.org/category/4th-reading/

TASK #1: Take the Me and Uncle Romie quiz. A copy was sent home last week in your packet, but here is a PDF. uncle romie quiz When finished, please use Seesaw to submit a picture of the front and back.

TASK #2: This is optional, but encouraged: The following art projects extend the learning as they relate to the content of our stories. These can be completed throughout this week. If you complete one, please share a picture via Seesaw!! Choose ONE from the following:

Art Project A: Follow these instructions to create a collage in the style of Romare Bearden, the artist featured in Me and Uncle Romie. His collages reflected memories, often pictured trains, buildings and musical instruments which mirrored the artistic community in the Harlem Renaissance. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Jt0_-rdD2-w&list=PLo_dVqvugB5cGPd6iHPddFsNUmLa4CWBI


Art Project B: Read, “Sidewalk Artist” in your anthology, pg. 248-250. This is a “reader’s theater” style dialogue of directions on steps to create “wet chalk drawings.” Read this short selection and create your own “wet chalk drawing” outside, if the weather cooperates. Consider creating a scene that relates to our story: a train, buildings, musical instruments…


  • Start your math time with a session from Xtramath

  • Take the green Fractions check-in quiz #2 (from your turquoise-4B or green-4A folder) If you do any work on a separate sheet of paper, please share those on Seesaw as well.

  • Use the “Fractions” app on your iPad and work through all the activities on Equivalent Fractions. Try to finish them all (Equivalent fractions) by Friday. This is good practice!!
  • Optional: Spend 15-20 minutes on an assigned Freckle math activity of your choice.