Learning From Home: Thursday, April 9th

Dear 4A Families,

Happy Holy Thursday.  What a wonderful group of biographies we had on Wednesday.  Moira, Payton, Gunnar, Eva, Joseph, Boe and Emme all treated us to some fantastic presentations.  Our final performers on Thursday are Nora, Marina, Alexis, Grace, Charlotte, Alex, Layla, Audriella and Kuba.  I will be sad when they are all over.  It has been such a wonderful week watching the students take the stage!  I will send out reminder emails with login information tomorrow.

From Mrs. Horton:

Holy Thursday: We encourage all families to participate in the Faith Family activity that would have been part of our Holy Thursday activities.  Please find a script and presentation attached here.  If you are able,  join us as a whole school to participate in this special activity from 2:30 – 3:00 Thursday afternoon.  We believe there will be great power in us joining as a whole school for this special prayer!
Holy Thursday Mass at 7:00 pm will be streamed on the Holy Rosary Parish Facebook site. (www.holyrosaryseattle.org).


Other than a full day of presentations, the students should just finish up the tasks from earlier this week.

I hope you will forgive me for not making a video tonight.  I ended up on Zoom meeting with my family much of the evening.

The checklist for Thursday is the same as Wednesday.

What to do!

Language Arts 

Oral Biography Presentations!

  • Join in on the Zoom meetings to watch the presentations.  Be on time!

  • Turn in Self-reflection via Seesaw

  • Turn in bibliography via Seesaw

  • Try to compliment at least 3 people per day



These religion tasks should be completed before the end of the day on Thursday.

Task #1: Read through the Stations of the Cross document slowly. Think about each part and what it means in your life.


Task #2: Do some self-reflection by thinking about these questions:

-Did you keep your promises of Prayer, Almsgiving, and Fasting?

-What did you learn about yourself?

-What actions can you take to follow in the footsteps of Jesus during Holy Week and beyond?

Note: You don’t need to write down your answers, but you should take at least 30 minutes to complete these two tasks. It would be best to take it slow, and really think about these questions. You can talk to your parents as you reflect.



  • Please finish up your Scholastic News worksheet (from Monday) and the questions on the back page of the magazine (from yesterday.)

  • **Should you not have a copy of the magazine, it can be found online (PW: HRSgators4142) at https://sn4.scholastic.com/

  • Seesaw: please take a picture of the worksheet and the last page of the magazine with the completed questions and submit by Thursday.

  • Please read 20 minutes from a chapter book of your choice.



  • Spend 15 minutes on an assigned Freckle math assignment of your choice

  • Spend 5-10 minutes on XtraMath

  • Use the Fractions app to review equivalent fractions.