Week of March 2nd

untitledDear 4A Families,

I hope you all had a lovely weekend. Happy March and second week of Lent. I was so proud of the stellar job the students did last week leading the prayer service last Friday. Looks like a great week of learning ahead, along with the special treat of attending a performance of the drama elective play—here is a bit more about that play.

From the Drama Elective:

untitledBring the whole family to enjoy the debut of Fairy Tale Network, a fast-paced, humor-filled play about a television network challenged to improve its viewership ratings with exciting new programming! Presented by Holy Rosary School, featuring original scenes, which have been masterfully authored by the students themselves. Additionally, the whole student body of Holy Rosary School has collaborated to design a beautifully intricate and fanciful set! Come feast your eyes and indulge your imagination in an evening filled with humor, memorable fun and whimsical entertainment. This is a spectacle not to be missed!

When: Wednesday March 4th & Thursday March 5th @ 7:00pm  Where: Holy Rosary School, Main Entrance: School Hall  Cost: Donations warmly accepted at the door

Oral Biography Schedule: In the email I sent you should have seen a list of available times for the students to give their oral biography presentations. If you have a particular preference and are planning to come see your child, please email me with your preferred day/time. Please put “Bio Time” in the subject line. I will work to get you as close to the time you request as possible. If I do not hear from you, I will be scheduling the students with a random drawing this Friday the 6th. Let me know if you have questions. Thank you!

Reading/LA: We will continue learning about the amazing life of Walt Disney this week. As the students read they are learning to select important facts that summarize each section of the story as well as choose character traits that match each phase of Walt’s life.

The students are almost all finished with their mini-bio poster projects. This week they will prepare for their quick oral presentations of their posters. Note cards will be prepared so they can share their information much like they will for their big bio projects.  Our grammar work will focus Greek and Latin Roots.

Math: I have been proud of the effort and hard work the students have been putting into learning long division, and more importantly learning to read and understand story problems related to division and understanding remainders. This is such a challenging skill—so many steps to recall! Thank you for your continued assistance at home checking over work for accuracy. As we finish up our long division unit (which we will continue to practice) we will be moving into a study of fractions with some side excursions into measurement and probability.

Religion: The Ten Commandments will be our focus along with our Lenten reflections. As we learn the Commandments we will be focusing on how they relate to our lives today and we can follow them more consciously.  All students will need to be able to recite the second section of the  Nicene Creed part one needs to be recited the end of the week.

Homework: I will be giving students time to start their math homework in class whenever possible in the next two weeks to leave more homework time to work on the oral biography presentations.  Spelling: Unit 13 was passed out last Friday.


Thank you for remembering to send in your dollar for Uganda this week.

Have an excellent week. Let me know if you have any questions about the Oral Biography Projects.

Don’t forget to “Spring Forward” this coming weekend for daylight savings!