Happy Catholic Schools Week!

untitledDear 4A Families,

It was nice seeing many of you at the Mass and Open House on Sunday. We have a busy and fun week ahead with many special events that will help us celebrate our wonderful school, parish and community. The last part of the newsletter will review the events of the week and include special reminders for 4th grade in particular.

I have added a new tab above—Newsletter PDF for those of you that want to print the newsletter.  Occasionally I will add updates to this main page that may not be on the PDF—but it will be close.

If you have signed up to take a group of students to deliver certificates on Tuesday, you should have received an about the day and your responsibilities. Thank you so much! Remember, students do have a jeans day on Tuesday but all 4th grade students need to bring a clean red Holy Rosary sweatshirt, sweater or vest to wear during deliveries!

Spelling/Homework: The students do not have a spelling test this week. The students do have a Sacrament test on Wednesday. Students do not need to have perfect spelling, but it should be reasonable. They need to be able to pronounce each sacrament and category correctly. Those students that do spell all words correctly will receive extra credit (spelling).

This week our reading will focus on the biography of Cesar Chavez which is an inspirational story that is perfect for Catholic Schools Week.

There will be some math homework this week, but I will keep homework light overall.


Catholic Schools Week Schedule:

 Be sure to visit the Book Fair—it’s open all week.

Sunday: Faith, Knowledge and Service: In our Faith Community

Catholic Schools Week Liturgy and Open House today.

Monday: Faith, Knowledge and Service: In our Parent Community

Seattle sports free dress.

untitleduntitledParents, look for some special thank yous today at this link and in your child’s filer. Thank you for all you do! We will enjoy an all school BINGO game as a special treat today.

Tuesday: Faith, Knowledge and Service: In our greater Seattle Community

Today we reach out to others in thanks and service.

Students may wear jeans today, but don’t forget to bring in a red HR sweatshirt, sweater or vest for certificate deliveries.

The 4th graders will begin their certificate delivery right after first recess (10:30) and will conclude before lunchtime. BE SURE TO BRING YOUR RED SWEATSHIRT TODAY for certificate deliveries.

untitledOur annual primrose planting will happen Tuesday afternoon. Please bring a planting tool if possible. Label any planting tools with your family name.

Wednesday: Faith, Knowledge and Service: Honoring our Grandparents and Families

Today we have the annual Grandparent’s luncheon. The students will perform at the luncheon today. Perfect uniforms and no homework tonight to celebrate our families.

Thursday: Faith, Knowledge and Service: In Appreciation of Lifelong Learning and Staff

untitledWe will begin the day with the spelling bee. Congratulations to our class finalists, Eleanor Newman and Jack Coleman. The class runner up is Sofia Fuentes. Good luck to our 4A reps! This is a perfect uniform day. We celebrate our academic excellence today—and have some fun too, including an all-school read in at the end of the day.

Friday: Faith, Knowledge and Service: Appreciating our Students

African Safari Theme day today.

untitledWe have the always-exciting spirit assembly in the morning and the crowd pleasing 8th grade vs. faculty volleyball game in the afternoon.

Sunday, February 1st: Faith, Knowledge and Service: Appreciating our Parish Family

Students are encouraged to wear their Gator Gear to Mass today. Go Hawks!

 Happy Catholic Schools Week 2015